No Tattoos Yet For Demi Lovato

is reacting to photos of some writing on her wrist during a recent concert, prompting some to think she got a tattoo. The 16-year-old writes on her Twitter (@ddlovato):

Hahahaha some people are so stupid. So what? I like to draw on myself. Sue me. Hahaha I’m 16 I’m not getting a tattoo anytime soon.

Oh my gosh, not STUPID but I’m just saying people should get their facts straight! Hahaha I’m not mad I just think it’s funny.

Man I can’t say anything on this thing! Haha

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5 thoughts on “No Tattoos Yet For Demi Lovato

  1. niknak says:

    Erm, I kinda agree wit that person
    I draw on my self at time we I feel bored:P
    still I ain’t getting a tattoo done
    Jeez, but I do hope she doesn’t get 1, because she’s turning into Miley a little, belly piercing and stuff, I kinda thought she was better than that,
    oh well its her life

  2. sophie says:

    oh come on so what if she gets a tattoo its not going to change the amazing girl she is she’s not going to change because of that! I draw on myself all the time and yeah, I get asked if I have a tattoo and I just say nah its pen! But I do have my lip pierced and yeah some people think that just because of that I’m different I’m not I’m expressing myself something everyone is entitled too! Miley Cyrus is using tattoos to express herself! xxx

  3. ailema says:

    I love Demi Lovato and I know that she won’t change just from a tattoo I know her well



  5. Theresa says:

    how do you draw on your ribcage?

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