No Ticket Refunds For Christina Aguilera’s Most Loyal Fans

Fans who purchased tickets for Christina Aguilera’s cancelled tour from her official site’s fan club got news at this point, they won’t be getting a refund for their tickets unless they can obtain a reversal from their credit card issuer. AzoffMusic Management on behalf of wrote: “We are writing to you to let you know how sorry Christina feels that you have not received your refunds from FansRule. When we hired FansRule it was with the belief that they would provide the best possible service to our fans. In fact, for a long time, they did provide an excellent service. When Christina cancelled her tour, as a result of doctor’s instructions related to voice problems, we immediately contacted FansRule and insisted that they pay refunds to everyone who bought packages to the tour. Our expectation was that the refunds would be made by May 31. We have been actively and aggressively pursuing FansRule to cause them to refund the money but, as of this date, our efforts have been unsuccessful. To the extent that you are able we would suggest that you contact your credit card company and cancel the transaction because the intended goods that you purchased were not delivered.” FansRULE filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in November 2003, yet Aguilera’s management apparently failed to relay this vital information to fans who purchased the tickets well after the bankruptcy filing, and it appears despite that important omission, Aguilera isn’t willing to eat the costs to cover for her most loyal fans.

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