No Timeline For New Backstreet Boys Album

The transcript of Howie Dorough’s interview on XL 106.7 in Orlando has been posted. Howie was asked about whether there was a timeline for the new album. “No. Ya know whats really weird, actually we were originally talking. Umm. Hopefully something out in August, but as we all know thats gone already. Uhhh. So now we’re shooting for sometime the end of December. Maybe the beginning of next year sometime. As far as the kinda things we are looking for, we’re really hoping to put something out as quick as possible, but at the same time, this album to us, we want it to be like our ‘Millenium’ album again. We want it to be one of our best albums and we know that we’re, ya know, creating, we’re experimenting, we’re trying to evolve. And uum.. So that hopefully we can put a stamp in the music industry again for another ten years. Actually coming up in this April will be ten years for us.”

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