No Way Of Telling Who Has Sold More, Madonna Or Mariah Carey

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During an online chat hosted by, Keith Caulfield was asked, “Who has sold the most albums – or Madonna.” Keith answered, “If we are going strictly by album and single sales, we don’t have a way of getting an exact figure for both artists. Nielsen SoundScan, our sister company that was established in 1991, tracks U.S. music sales. Unfortunately, because a good chunk of Madonna’s career (and a sliver of Carey’s) pre-dates 1991, we don’t have a complete sales record for either of them. Additionally, there is no sole independent firm, like SoundScan, that tabulates global sales. So, establishing how much each has sold worldwide is out, too.”

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2 thoughts on “No Way Of Telling Who Has Sold More, Madonna Or Mariah Carey

  1. CELEBR8 says:

    AGAIN! I would bet my thumbs a LAMB asked this question….it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. Anybody with half a brain can figure out who is over certified & who isn’t but that just reflects on the kinda person she is & what she needs to feel good about herself….but they love you anyway Mariah.

    I really hope we get 300 comments from Mariah fans telling us Madonna fans what to eat, how to eat & when to eat it. My day isn’t complete without them telling me what to think & how I feel.

  2. EdwardAlex says:

    well Madonna has always been more of an overall better seller including the US and the world… but Mariah has certainly sold a great deal too . I am not doubting Mariah has impressive record sales (cause she does) but Madonna is more of the world wide legend

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