Nobody Attends Mandy Moore & Ryan Adams’ Casually Dressed Wedding

People has more details on Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams’ quiet wedding earlier this week at Whitefield Chapel at Bethesda Home for Boys on the outskirts of Savannah, Georgia. Pastor Steve Schulte performed the 8-minute ceremony on Tuesday with only Mandy and Ryan inside the brick chapel. Moore, 24, wore a cream-colored, lacy tea-length dress and flat sandals, and Adams, 34, had on tight skinny jeans, a T-shirt with sport coat and sneakers.

“It was so romantic. It was awesome,” said wedding planner Chad Baker, who waited outside in a car during the ceremony. “I just can’t stress how happy they seemed.”

Mandy Moore And Ryan Adams Are Married

March 11, 2009 – reports Mandy and Ryan Adams married on Tuesday in a small ceremony in Savannah, Georgia. “She’s very very happy,” a friend of Mandy told the gossip blog. People magazine adds that the couple applied for a marriage license on Tuesday afternoon at the Chatham County Probate office in Savannah. Mandy had said she wanted to have a quiet marriage that “can happen and slip by unnoticed by everybody.” One has to wonder if the brief engagement will prompt rumors that Mandy is pregnant.

Mandy Moore Shops At Tailwaggers

March 6, 2009 – Mandy was spotted shopping for pet supplies at Tailwaggers in Hollywood on Thursday (March 5), ignoring questions from the paparazzi before driving off in her black Toyota Prius. While walking to her car it seemed Mandy intentionally kept her left hand in her pocket, and once inside her car she revealed it to be bare, despite her recent engagement to Ryan Adams. Check out pictures from

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2 thoughts on “Nobody Attends Mandy Moore & Ryan Adams’ Casually Dressed Wedding

  1. yabro says:

    oh my. not much real thought went into this, did it?

  2. Erik says:

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