Nobody Likes Avril Lavigne

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Hilarie Burton, an MTV VJ, said of in the August 2003 issue of CosmoGirl: “Nobody wants to interview Avril Lavigne. I haven’t met a single person who likes her. We wanted her to come on TRL, and as a dare, we wanted her to dress really girlie. So I’m standing there, and my boss says to Avril, ‘We’ll just put you in some of Hilarie’s heels and skirts-you know, you guys are like the same size.’ And she looks at me, and she goes, ‘I don’t wear that sh*t!’ And I’m like, ‘Hell no. No you don’t.’ If you look at her, you’d think she’s in a band like Rancid. But she’s not. I don’t like when this girl is talking about punk music, and she doesn’t know a thing about it. And when she came on MTV for New Year’s Eve, she was just bossing people around. And she’s not good to her fans. She makes fun of posers and says, ‘I hate people who are posers.’ Except all of her fans dress just like her. They’re all posers. I think she’s very apathetic, and for someone in her position, that’s an irresponsible thing to be.”

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3 thoughts on “Nobody Likes Avril Lavigne

  1. Amina says:

    I don’t thing that nobody likes Avril Lavigne!
    I like her!!! I like her music and of course her style!

  2. Walnut says:

    You know what? I love Avril Lavigne. She’s my role model.

    I realized what my dream was by listening to Avril Lavigne. I discovered who I was by listening to Avril Lavigne. You know what? I’m a lot like she is and really, I don’t care what you think about it. I’m me and that’s all there is.

  3. kite vergian says:

    are you talk with your ass!!
    there is no way that Avril is disliked, because if she is not liked.
    there is 3 hint that she can popular :
    -her song’s is “LIKED”
    -her beautiful face is “LIKED”
    -her style is “LIKED” or cool!!

    and your fu**in’ comment are really “BAD”

    Because I’m the ONE of MILLION people who likes her.

    And, I “LOVE” her very100x Much.!

    So shut up your killer mouth.

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