Now Avril Lavigne Is Pretending To Play Piano

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Oh god where does it end with this girl!? I saw a concert special with and she was “playing piano” on a song. AKA: playing 2 damn notes and saying she plays piano. First she lies about guitar and now she is pretending to play piano too? Learn how to play guitar first before you pretend to play another instrument. And some people actually believe she knew how to play. Her fans are so gullible they were saying “you play guitar AND piano!”

It made me so mad that some people believe that. I cannot stand her pretending to write, pretending to play instruments, pretending to be a rocker, pretending to be real. Piano is a very hard instrument to play and takes years of practice. I know because I’ve been playing since I was 4. And she started to attempt piano for about 3 months and is already performing, and saying how she “plays piano” in numerous magazines?

The only instrument Avril should be playing is a kazoo because that’s as complex as she gets.

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14 thoughts on “Now Avril Lavigne Is Pretending To Play Piano

  1. Avril Fan says:

    She CAN play piano and she CAN play guitar !! You’re just fat loser!

  2. Brok3nJar says:

    haha. jealous much. leave Avril alone!! y can’t you jus let her be!!

  3. Hana says:

    lol I’d like to see you play any better
    and she does know how to play the guitar btw, haven’t you watched the videos of her and Evan? get your facts straight before you make any comments about her :D

  4. me says:

    She plays guitar well since she was around 13 years old, you should watch some videos of her young

  5. brain says:

    I watched the ‘Best d@mn tour’ video by avril. I suspected she was faking some of it at first so I started watching more carefully. In almost every song where she plays an instrument, it appears that she is either faking or simply not plugged into the system. The piano scene barely showed her actually playing the piano and her body movements didn’t match the momentum of the notes being played. The guitar scenes sounded like she was not plugged in because every strum she made on her guitar didn’t make a sound while the guitarists next to her were doing all the work. The only song I could tell she wasn’t faking was the drums (for obvious reasons). Not only did she not fully finish that song, but she didn’t do anything special but one main repetitive set. I do believe she knows how to play guitar and piano and everything else apparently, but that video was suspicious.

  6. Tom says:

    She can definately play guitar, and keys and have seen her play drums also. There are videos of her playing live acoustic with evan (her guitarist) on aol sessions etc… and I saw an interview where she said she never took lessons so she seems pretty good for a self taught musician and its pretty difficult to teach yourself an instrument being a self taught guitarist and keys player mysely.

  7. John says:

    There are solo videos of her playing guitar and singing. Yeah, she just strums, and she uses a capo sometimes, but she can strum chords and sing without making mistakes.

  8. renren says:

    ,,so what if it’s all true,,??shes just a human, just like us..i mean no body’s perfect…can we just be good?? and face our own weaknesses instead of wasting our time saying stupid things that could hurt others.. well I guess this is life??…(sigh)!!

  9. joe says:

    avrile lavigne DOES PLAY PANIO I am a panio player my self and she is hiting every key right in hereas I see it and I already checked the reflections for stunt dubles or camera tricks with peopel its the same person she dose play panio I don’t know about gutier tho
    this vidow (my friends account)

  10. joe says:

    also everyone is difrent with learning I learned techno and the electric in 2 days from YouTube and it took my friend 3 months for 1 from a profeshinal dancer

    also if she has money or can oferd it she can get the quick leason of a panio I did and played great just little trubel with base (left hand)

  11. emogirl111 says:

    shes doing better in life than you, idiot, why would she be famous if she was a horrible singer, she needs a little backup talent, GET SOME! I beleive that Avril can play better than you ever wiill, yeah all this crapo commenting is because you put something as stupid as this upp!! yeah she can play probably worked he whole life on it, and there’s a reason why she’s famous, and you not! there a burst of reality for yeah!

  12. paul says:

    She aint the best but she certainly is the “luckyist damn thing I have ever seen!” its like watcing a skin head win the lottery, and you would get 2 toots out of that kazoo before a band member took over.

  13. Brad says:

    I do hope you all realize this was posted back in ’04. But yeah, now she plays guitar, piano, and drums.

  14. just happen to pass by says:

    Why so bitter?

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