Now Legal, Lindsay Lohan Hooks Up With Colin Farrell

When Colin Farrell told then 17-year-old back in March “maybe in a year or so,” he wasn’t kidding. In Touch magazine reports that Farrell and Lohan were at Marquee after a long week prepping for their appearances on ‘Saturday Night Live’, before they ended up making out at 2 am. The pair spent the night together at the Plaza Hotel and were out again together on Saturday at Viscaya. A source confirmed to The New York Daily News: “They hooked up. They were together both nights.”

And Pals On Early Morning Scores Run

The New York Post reports and friends of the star came close to breaking down the door to Scores West last Saturday morning at 6 a.m., claiming they were sent over by actor Vin Diesel.

“Lindsay was banging on the door and yelling, ‘Vin Diesel told me to come!'” one patron said. “She was saying, ‘Vin Diesel said it would be OK if we came, he said to tell you that he sent us.'”

Lohan’s Lost Card Case Leads To Online Fakery Frenzy

Lindsay Lohan is dealing with the online gossip after losing not a purse, but a “card case,” her rep tells The New York Post. “Listen,” the rep said, “It carried her license and two credit cards, that was it.” The rep was referring to widespread e-mails making the rounds claiming Lohan’s “purse” also contained cocaine and a rolled up $20 bill, a charge the rep laughed off. “At this time Lindsay is not planning on suing [the woman who found the card holder],” the rep tells The Post. “She’s annoyed and pissed off because it is not true, but what is she going to do – rant and rave? That’s not her style.”

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4 thoughts on “Now Legal, Lindsay Lohan Hooks Up With Colin Farrell

  1. mandysdandy says:

    What a little whore! She’s getting a really bad reputation in the press. Hil Duff’s good girl image is good for her career.

  2. hpnotiq says:

    I hate the phrase “hooked up”. As if she’s less of a whore because she “hooked up” and didn’t “have sex”.

  3. cole_mac says:

    hilary rules’, ‘Just goes to show how much of a slut Lindsay is, she should be kicked off the music and movie scene, she’s such a bad example

  4. DroppedBurger says:

    What I don’t understand is why all of you are saying slut and whore about Lindsay but are saying nothing about that pedophile Colin. He’s truly the epitome of disgusting. A 30 y/o screwing an 18 y/o child? His ass should be behind bars.

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