NPR’s ‘Day To Day’ Interview & Performance With Missy Higgins

Missy Higgins wearing a t-shirtNPR’s ‘Day to Day’ introduced listeners to on Tuesday (May 3), a young singer-songwriter who has quickly become one of Australia’s most popular musicians.

“Instead of settling down and starting my record straight away, I decided to take a year off and go backpacking across Europe,” Missy explained, “and I knew that I needed to develop as an artist, and I needed to take time off and write songs and I guess kind of experience life and find myself and prepare myself for really working hard in the music industry.”

On her track ‘Scar’, Missy said, “‘Scar’ is about people needing to categorize and pigeonhole and they were basically trying to simplify me. I didn’t want to go there, so I guess it’s about wanting to leave those experiences with some sort of scar so you can remember not to make the same mistake again.”

“There’s certain good things about being young in the music industry,” Missy observed. “If you make mistakes you’ve got time to correct it. There’s also a slight disadvantage I guess because people usually associate youth with ignorance and naivety, yet a lot of people are saying to me, how can you know these things at your age? How can you write about those things? I find it hard to take you seriously because I find it hard to believe you’ve really experienced it. My response to that is it’s not really about experience, because the song is all about the emotion rather than the experience for me anyway.”

Listen to the their feature on Higgins and her performance of ‘Scar’ and ‘Ten Days’ in NPR’s Culver City studios below the cut.

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