*NSYNC At Robin Wiley’s Memorial Service

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Members of has been spotted in Nashville where they attended a memorial service for singer/songwriter Robin Wiley. She was the group’s vocal coach, arranged their a capella songs and wrote a couple of songs that appeared on *NSYNC albums. Robin, in her early 40s, died last Sunday after a long bout with cancer. Wiley’s memorial service happened at her house Thursday. In addition to the guys, many of their crew members showed for what turned into a six-hour musical celebration, Robin’s good friend, Music Row publisher Leslie Tomasino, said yesterday. “It was very small and very musical and very private, and it was all about how much they love her,” Leslie said. “Justin said something extremely heartfelt and eloquent. It was beautiful.”

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3 thoughts on “*NSYNC At Robin Wiley’s Memorial Service

  1. JUSTME09126 says:

    I know it’s horrible to say but, I hope that from their loss the guys realize how important they are to each other and create another album in honor of Robin Wiley.

  2. Lava33 says:

    I agree. It is horrible, but hopefully something good will come outta this tragedy.

  3. daverave says:

    I knew Robin Wiley very well. Robin’s folks lived in the Seattle area where I met her. While I was an engineer in LA Robin and I worked together on songs and recorded them in the studio I worked at. Robin would always come see me play and I would go hear her. We never shared the stage together but always appreciated each others groove. The last time I saw Robin was at My Place in Santa Monica 1990 where she performed. I was playing at my good friend’s church last night 12-10-06. Thea Cole, another great singer, came up to me and told me that Robin had passed away. I was, and am devastated. That was news I would have rather not heard. She was a great talent and will be dearly missed. Until we meet again Robin.

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