*NSYNC Back In Studio; New Single By Year’s End


The Sun reports Justin Timberlake is back recording with . The tabloid said that the rest of the boyband feared he would never return after finding huge solo success. But they are currently looking at tracks for a new album should have a single out by the end of the year.

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10 thoughts on “*NSYNC Back In Studio; New Single By Year’s End

  1. justanotherbtch says:

    well I’m hoping this is true.. I can’t wait. they are so great!

  2. devil_of_the_paradise says:

    yer I know that they will be in the studio. I mean they didn’t say something like we broke up. they just gave a break. like Destiny’s Child. GO NSYNC! SCREW YOU HATERS!

  3. justins_honduran_honey says:

    Whoo I’m very happy. even if this post isn’t true I know they wont let us fans down, I have complete confidence in them :)

  4. GoingUnderr says:

    You believe the sun? LMAO! Nskanks are over!! OMG! You 12 yr old girls are sad, getting excited and opening your barbie purses ready to buy there products. LMAO!!!! Nskanks are ugly, nskanks are gay, nskanks are old and most of all.. nskanks are over!

  5. LadyBugg says:

    I don’t know why this is any news at all. Okay, I don’t believe the Sun, but NSYNC never broke up. In fact, all of the members of the band (Justin especially) have insisted that there will be more albums to come. These guys are extremely talented. The days of a band being a one-man-show are over. JC, Lance, Chris, Joey and Justin all have their own things that they do well. That’s okay. Get over it. Oh yeah and, ^^^, I’m not 12, happen to be far from it. I AM old enough to know good music when I hear it, and recognize a HATER when I see one. So sorry you feel that way. Can’t wait for the new album … I think they’ve all grown a lot!

  6. weebongo says:

    Who the hell would still like Nysnc. It’s like being a Spice Girls fan. Are all you loser excited for their reunion as well.

  7. theimperfectgrl says:

    Ew, gag me with a spoon… just the thought of hearing more Nsync makes me SICK, die already you lousy excuse for a musical group.

  8. BroadmindedMusic says:

    That’s cool, but I have a feeling this one might not be true. Who knows. If I heard it from one of the guys themselves, then I’d believe it. I’m also curious to know how the world (esp. the US) will welcome a guy vocal group after all these solos have come out. We’ll see.

  9. Stallion says:

    Justin Timberlake would never abandon N’sync. He is proud of the thing he has accomplish with them. He just want the best of both world. Can’t wait for the next N’sync album

  10. brownsuga says:

    I hope this is true cos I do love the Nsync boys, I can’t wait for their album and hear wot new sound they have come up with. Go Nsync!!!! I knew you wouldn’t let us fans down

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