*NSYNC Car Decoration Contest Winners Screwed Over By MTV

According to reports, the winner of the car decoration contest was scammed by MTV. Bree Nicole, a 14 year old from Santa Fe Springs, California told her story on the MSN message boards.

Hi, my name is Bree Nicole, I am 14 years old from Santa Fe Springs, California. I am writing to you in regards of the MTV: NSYNC Road To Celebrity Taping that was filmed July, 16 2001 (yesterday). I attended that taping with 3 friends of mine, my cousin and my Mom.

My mother drove us all the way down to San Diego at 4 o’clock Monday morning.

When we got there we had to wait for 2 hours before they were able to let us in. Finally we made in it, then we were told that they had run out of the Celebrity CDs so they gave us one T-shirt, even though we were one of the first 150 cars.(we were around the 60th car in) So when we got into the parking lot and were told were to park the staff of MTV were beginning to walk around to choose the 5 finalist for the contest for the best NSYNC mobile.

Our car was chosen as one of the five finalists! We were so psyched.

They started off with NSYNC performing Gone and then throughout the whole thing NSYNC was being interviewed by Carson and they were counting down the top 10 NSYNC moments. It was so cool, but very hot outside.

So then they finally announced that they needed all 5 car finalists to report to their cars so we did. So when all 5 groups arrived to their cars we then began giving a tour of our van while NSYNC sat onstage watching the cameras because they were going to choose the winner. One group had 4 members, another group had 5 members and 1 parent (that was us) , another group had 5 or 6 members, another had 5 members, and the last group had 5 members and 1 parent. I had made seat covers for our van that had NSYNC drawn on them by me. Then that was when Carson from MTV announced that the winners were going to receive VIP seating to NSYNCs concert at that nights performance in the stadium. I was hoping that we would win because this would be my only chance to see NSYNC in concert.

So Finally The MTV staff told all 5 groups of the finalists that we had to go crazy if we were chosen to be the winners and that they will be announced after the number 2 moment, so when the moment came we all waited.

That was when NSYNC announced that the winners were car number 2. We didn’t were just standing there because we didn’t know who group 2 was. That was when NSYNC said well they don’t seem to be excited so maybe we should pick someone else then that was when the camera guy placed a mike in front of our faces and that was when we realized we had won. We screamed and cried and everything. We couldn’t even believe we had won. They said we had just won for the best NSYNC car and we will get VIP seating for tonight’s NSYNC concert.

So the People at MTV told us all to wait at our car till everyone left and they would bring us our tickets. So we stood there for about 30 minutes as they cleared everyone out. We were all still really hyper and excited because we were going to see NSYNC. And I was the happiest most of all because I had stood in line for 2 days for NSYNC Rose Bowl concert tickets and got floor seats, but I could no longer attend it because I had to attend a mandatory cheer camp, And winning this contest really made me feel so much better.

But that’s when everything went wrong.

The lady came back with tickets in her hand and said, ‘we only have 2 tickets left’ and she handed us the tickets and left! She just handed them and left! And what does she mean they only have 2 tickets left? Did they give them to someone else! We started crying right then and there. So my Mom went to talked to the same lady who gave us the tickets and said to just go by tickets for the rest of our group and walked away. Then my Mom went to talk to someone who worked for seatfillers and they said we should try to talk to Johnny, the tour manager, or the guys and let them know what just happened and maybe they will get us more tickets because that wasn’t right what MTV did, after saying that the winning group will all receive VIP seating to the concert. So we went to the area where everyone was going in and asked them to call them up, so they said OK and acted like they were calling someone up.

So my mother waited by the gate as we waited in the van which was parked across from the entrance because we were still crying from the disappointment. She stood there for about 30 minutes and as she was waiting at the same time security was busy with a group of girls trying to see if they can see NSYNC on the other side of the gate. That was when a Suburban (black) drove by and stopped for a second directly in front of our van. At the same time all the fans were on the other side of the Suburban trying to get backstage or something so they didn’t pay attention to the car stopped right behind them.

Well, that was when one of the passenger’s rolled down their window just about half way and that was when we heard someone saying see you tonight and waving as it drove away. We weren’t really paying attention because we were still very upset. That was when we noticed it was JC and the guys, they smiled and waved as they were leaving. We were stunned we couldn’t believe it was actually them and that they acknowledged us.

So following them were a few more cars heading towards the main stadium. So that’s when the MTV security watched them leave and waited until they were completely gone and said sorry there wont be anyone here who can help you. And my Mom said but they said they were trying to contact Johnny, and then that’s when they said We don’t know anyone named Johnny so now all of a sudden they didn’t know who Johnny was. And he walked away saying maybe you could try the front of the stadium.

So to make a long story short, after 4 hours of going back and forth MTV would not let us speak to Johnny or anyone else. SO we now have 2 front row center seats that went unused.


I mean we couldn’t just have 2 go and the other 4 not because we live 2 hours away and even if we lived close we couldn’t do that to each other. And also we couldn’t sell these tickets, we loved NSYNC so much and we couldn’t put a price on being able to see them that close.

So our night was ruined, we came home and cried the whole way, even my Mom and my friend Katie’s Mom were crying because they knew how much it meant to us. She even called MTV in NY and told them what had happened to us, and they said they had nothing to do with it and couldn’t help us.

I don’t think it’s right to say you will be getting VIP seating for a concert for the winners if they only planned on giving us 2, I mean other MTV events if there’s more people they give you more but they didn’t!

So I just thought you’d like to know about those who won the #1 NSYNC mobile contest judged by NSYNC. They were screwed over by MTV, not NYSNC, NSYNC thought we were all going to be at the show.

I wrote whoever I thought would listen and now here I am still a month later because that is not fair, if you are promised something you should get it. And we were one of the smallest groups there, no one had just 2 people.
So there’s my long story come to an end. I am writing to you because maybe there is something you can help do for us, I don’t know what but I feel like I have been betrayed, and as I write this letter tears are still coming from my eyes. My one chance to see NSYNC and it was taken away just like that.

So please, I ask you this one thing, if there is anything you can do to help me and my friends out I would be forever grateful.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this long sob fest, hopefully you take us into consideration,

TRUE NSYNC fans who don’t blame this on the guys.

Sincerely yours,
Bree Nicole

The #1 NSYNC Mobile contestants
Bree, Becca, Katie, Kristin, and Stacy and don’t forget my Mom, Mia – the driver

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