*NSYNC Charity Watches Pricey

Associated Press reports *NSYNC has teamed with Audemars Piguet to raise money for children orphaned by the September 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. The Swiss watch maker has created 50 mens and 150 womens limited-edition watches that also will benefit needy children through “Challenge for the Children,” ‘N Sync’s foundation. The full story at cnn.com has since been removed.

Joey’s MTV Spot Maybe Too Racy?

November 30, 2001 – CDNow’s Miss Truth is asking if the promo commercial for the MTV Secret Santa with ‘NSync Sweepstakes featuring of *NSYNC holding a clump of mistletoe between his crotch and asking women in hot pants “Who wants to kiss the mistletoe?” is too racy. She said, “We’re certainly not prudes here or anything, but, when the majority of your fans are 10-year-old girls, we’d think any blow job references would kind of be a pretty big no-no. Don’t ya think?”

*NSYNC Say Bahamas Show Is More Intimate

November 23, 2001 – Tony Potts of Access Hollywood talked with *NSYNC about their CBS special Friday that took place in the Bahamas where said, “It’s just more intimate. It’s not the Pop Odyssey tour. It’s, you know, we got about 2,000 people right down on the beach.”

Melinda Posts *NSYNC Update

November 21, 2001 – Melinda from NSYNC.com posted an update on the guys previewing their upcoming events, including the *NSYNC’s Holiday Special from the Atlantis hotel in the Bahamas, a CFTC Private Event in Vegas, then the Billboard Awards, followed by shooting of the Video for “GirlFriend”.

*NSYNC High On R&B Acts

November 18, 2001 – Pop Stars magazine talked with *NSYNC about what artists they would recommend and their responses were R&B all the way. JC said “Jill Scott” while Joey said “Alicia Keys”. As for Lance, he replied “Nikka Costa – I just got the album yesterday and I listened to the first side and thought, ‘Hey, this is pretty good,’ Then I listened to the whole album and was like, ‘This is good.’ And Alicia Keys!”

Afghanis Question *NSYNC’s Sexual Preference

November 15, 2001 – Conan O’Brien joked during his Wednesday night monologue, “Also — this is interesting — right after the Taliban was driven out of Kabul, the Afghani people listened to music on the radio for the first time in five years. ‘Cause it was outlawed. Isn’t that amazing? Yeah, and then after — after listening to several new songs, the Afghanis said, ‘*NSYNC seems very gay.'”

*NSYNC’s Free Show Barely A Half Hour

November 13, 2001 – The Miami Herald’s Evelyn McDonnell was at the free *NSYNC show on Sunday in Miami Beach. Evelyn implicates the band lip-synced their performance saying, “their vocals impossibly harmonized as they aerobicized their way through the evening’s upbeat numbers.” Though on the bright side, McDonnell added, “At least the group played with real musicians. The rest of the evening’s performers — including R&B belter Deborah Cox and Britney wannabe Willa Ford — all sang over prerecorded backing tracks that sometimes broke down.”

*NSYNC Ready For Time Off

November 13, 2001 – Radio 1 talked to *NSYNC’s following their show in Miami Beach Sunday where he admitted that he and his bandmates are ready for a break. Joey says, “Obviously there are some times where all of us are like, ‘hey, we need a break.’ We gonna have hopefully a little more time off – and then hopefully do some promotion in Europe.”

“Then we’ll be back on tour I think, I want to say April of next year.”

As for the European dates, Joey explains, “We’re gonna be doing a whole new show with some of the other new songs on the album that we didn’t get to do this last tour. And we’re gonna downsize it to arenas.”

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