*NSYNC Chili’s Commercial To Debut During Golden Globes

Austin360.com reports endorsement loving is at it again as the group will appear in three new TV ads for Chili’s. The group’s rendition of the Baby Back Ribs jingle will debut during the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday, Austin-based GSD&M announced Thursday. GSD&M, Chili’s ad firm, created the jingle in 1995. This will be the first time the restaurant chain will use celebrities in their ads. This won’t be the first time will promo a restaurant, having done McDonald’s commercials in the past.

Kirkpatrick Says *NSYNC Did What Any Star Wars Fan Would

January 17, 2002 – Brandon Gray of Zap2it.com spoke with *NSYNC’s and JC outside the People’s Choice Awards on Sunday where they addressed the controversy that the guys would be in the new Star Wars flick, ‘Attack of the Clones’. Chris explains, “You know, we were little kids with the light sabers running around, and it was real flattering to even just be at the ranch and hanging out. And I’m sure that if anybody who is as big a Star Wars fan as us if not bigger would have gotten the same opportunity, they would have taken it.”

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