*NSYNC Dancer Says Britney Spears Cheating With Wade Robson True

Contributed by elgato:

NickysVegasBabe from the forum at LiveDaily.com attended the Billboard Music Awards on Monday. In part two of her summary of her experience in Las Vegas, she talks about how a former and Wade Robson dancer tells all. She says a dancer named Donny, who was there for the Jam Master Jay tribute, “had been working for *NSYNC & Wade & all them (he was in the ‘Pop’ video). He wanted us to come up to his room to ‘hang out’ and we were like ‘Noooooo’ lol but we ended up just hanging out for a few minutes downstairs, he was telling me all the videos and stuff he’s done. I asked him if he knew Justin and Wade pretty well and he was like ‘Yeah, I’ve worked with them a few times’ I asked him if the Britney-Justin-Wade rumor was true and he was like ‘Yeah, but you didn’t hear it from me’ lol (oops, did I let that slip? lol).”

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