NSYNC Fan Club Updates On Group Being Safe

The fan club today sent out the following message:

Dear fans,
Our prayers are with you all, especially for the men, women and
children who live and work in NYC. We’re sure that many of you are in a state
of shock, as we are.

We have been getting thousands of e-mails from fans around the world
concerned that was in NYC at the time of the terrorist attack. We can confirm for you that none of the members of *NSYNC were in NYC. They are OK.

We were going to send out a happy e-mail update today that thanked you
all for your wonderful support for the Viewer’s Choice category at the MTV
video music awards recently held in NYC. All of that seems inconsequential
when compared to this terrible tragedy but we’d like to say it none the less.

thanks you for your support and for your concern about their
safety in the wake of today’s tragedy.

Best wishes,

NSYNC Tracking Higher In Album Sales

September 10, 2001 – It appears *NSYNC’s performance and 4 awards at the Video Music Awards for Pop are helping album sales this week as for the first time since the debut week, the band is set to rise up the charts for the week. With a lackluster week for album sales in general, *NSYNC looks set to have around 85,000 in album sales and is currently in the #12 position, up from #15 last week, according to HitsDailyDouble.com. System of A Down appears poised to take the #1 spot.

Patricia Neal On *NSYNC, “No, What Are They?”

September 10, 2001 – Foxnews.com’s Roger Friedman talked to Academy Award winning actress Patricia Neal on the way to the Michael Jackson concert Friday where she had trouble getting past the press because of *NSYNC arriving when she did. The grandmother of 20-something Sophie Dahl, who’s dating the much older Mick Jagger, responded when asked if she’s heard of the group, “No, what are they?”

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3 thoughts on “NSYNC Fan Club Updates On Group Being Safe

  1. Jillian says:

    You guys are not a band anymore

  2. chelseaaaa says:

    I love NSYNC yay

  3. deborah 13 says:

    Why did NSYNC break up? They were such a good band and Justin Timberlake can sing his butt off!

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