*NSYNC ‘Greatest Hits’

NSYNC 'Greatest Hits' album cover

Contributed anonymously: Personally, I’m disappointed with *NSYNC’s Greatest Hits album. I mean, couldn’t they at least get them all together so they could at least have a new picture on the cover? This album could be a huge success if they had at least one new song on it or even just did some publicity for it. As a huge fan I’m disappointed that the boys couldn’t even end their *NSYNC careers in a respectable fashion. Even if they don’t get along or whatever, surely they could do it for their fans? That’s not too much to ask is it?

Jive Releasing ‘ Greatest Hits’ Next Month

September 18, 2005 – An e-mail update from Official International Fan Club revealed that the boy band, continuing their extended break, will release ‘*NSYNC’s Greatest Hits’ on October 25th. Without any new tracks, and without a statement in the press release from any band member, it appears to be a release organized solely by Jive Records.

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8 thoughts on “*NSYNC ‘Greatest Hits’

  1. fpasko says:

    Face it, Nsync is over. The boys…err men, have moved on. The whole boyband thing doesn’t work anymore. They probably didn’t want to heavily promote the CD because they just don’t care. They’ve made their millions already. I’m sure they are all tired of that whole boyband image, they want to try to distance themselves from it as much as possible. They also probably didn’t want to be laughed at when their greatest hits cd flops. Once a boyband like Nsync is out of the spotlight for a few years and they try to comeback even if it’s only for a greatest hits record, it fails. Look at what happend with the Backstreet Boys. Boybands have a short shelf-life and Nsync knows that…they are way past their shelf-life expiration.

    Oh, I didn’t know their label is the one pushing for the greatest hits cd. But then you have to wonder why the guys don’t want to go through with the CD. Maybe it’s like how I said in my above post, the guys just don’t care. Finally one of my theories is right! hahaha.

  2. SpiceSquirrel says:

    They wanted to do new songs for the CD, all but Justin, that is. Justin has basically quit the band. His solo career did well enough that he doesn’t need them anymore. Which is a good thing because boybands are over.

  3. redar says:

    This album wasn’t sanctioned by the members of NSync. They’ve said in the past that three albums are not enough to put out a greatest hits album. That’s why they didn’t approve of this album being released so they did no advertising or a cover or new songs. This is strictly Jive putting out the album because NSync are still under contract for another album. They haven’t officially ended they’re careers as NSync either. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if after JC and Justin do their second solo albums if they don’t decide the time is right to do another NSync album and surprise everyone.

  4. Smile says:

    The Backstreet Boys have been certified platinum for their new album in the United States. So I don’t believe all groups are over with. They also have a contract for two more albums with the label. They are all rich but they love what they do so they continue it. Not to be mean, but it just seems that the guys of Nsync aren’t exactly getting along. I don’t see a reunion happening soon. Since Justin and JC are doing solo albums that aren’t even out yet it’s going to be at least another year before the group can get back into the studio. Justin should have waited to do his next solo album. From my understanding, JC decided to do his album after Justin did. The Greatest Hits album is probably not Nsync’s choice. The same thing happened with the Backstreet Boys. Jive just released their greatest hits without them wanting it. But at least the BSB recorded a new song for it. Even though I am not a big Nsync fan, I am surprised that Nsync isn’t at least doing something for the record since it’s going to be awhile before the new album comes out, if it ever does.

  5. jazzprofounder says:

    I think what you and some fans don’t realize is that this wasn’t an official GH’s album. Nsync had nothing to do with this album being released, none of them even acknowledged it. So don’t blame them, blame Jive. This was just released so that they can get a quick paycheck.

  6. PhiSig269 says:

    I don;t really think its respectable to put out a Greatest hits album I personally find it cheesy!!! Maybe if you are a huge band and have many CD’s out then it’s at least ok but NSYNC only had like 3 or 4 Cd’s and that’s not really a reason to put out a greatest hits CD. No Wonder the guys didn’t support it. I don’t blame Justin for the group not putting out a new album he has a right to wanna try new things- he will come back when he feels the time is right. I can’t wait for his next CD Justified was awesome!

  7. jazzprofounder says:

    True. But nowadays GH’s albums are put out by artists who haven’t even been in the music business for 8 years, let alone have had enough hits for it to be a whole album! Nowadays GH’s albums have more new material or remixes than the actual hits. I think it’s cheesy as well. GH’s albums used to be something important, almost like a testament towards how much work the artist has done in their years of massive success. But now it seems as if GH’s albums are getting just cheesy and cheap, another attempt for an artist or the record company to get a quick royalty check.

  8. doodlez says:

    ok, enough with the backstreet boys and rolling stones and whatever. the big difference is that they all got together and said: “you know, we should make a new record.” it’s pretty apparent that Nsync is having some problems with getting everyone on the same boat. The reason Jive is putting this out is the hopes they can still do a little cashing in before us fans totally forget that we like spending money on their names. If the guys actually endorsed it and put something behind it (some new songs or some remixed versions that don’t sound like it was popped together by a drug machine) then I might consider buying it.

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