*NSYNC Reunion On Hold For JC Chasez’s Solo Efforts

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Earlier this year, Justin Timberlake said would regroup and make a new album in 2004. However, he recently told Launch media that any reunion will have to wait until bandmate JC Chasez releases his own solo album. “I think we were anticipating JC’s solo record coming out a little bit earlier,” Timberlake said. “But I think he’s planning on releasing it some time around March. You know, I’ve heard a couple of tracks, and I think they’re great records, so I want him to have every opportunity that I had to kind of do his own thing and explore those possibilities.”

Search Interest Fading

October 15, 2003 – Searches for boy bands continue to plummet with searches dropping to 42,000 during the month of September on pay-per-search engine Overture.com. Only a year ago, searches for the group were at 249,000. The bulk of the search interest now points towards group member Justin Timberlake, who had over 198,000 queries. The most searched for song by the boy band was ‘This I Promise You’ with 936 queries, followed by ‘Gone’ with 445.

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9 thoughts on “*NSYNC Reunion On Hold For JC Chasez’s Solo Efforts

  1. bella89 says:

    Yes, just what the world needs anther recovering bandmate trying to become a solo-artist by singing about sex with half naked girls dancing around him.

  2. jcsfan88 says:

    That’s alright.. Justin got over a year to do his solo stuff. JC deserves time, too. “WOAH! I didn’t see that one coming… *snickers*” Just like BSB changing their minds and deciding to work on solo projects a week after they said they were going to go back into the studio?

  3. popnicklover says:

    JC will NEVER get his album out…so maybe (hopefully) this means N Sync will never come back! Yay

  4. jcsfan88 says:

    JC’s album will come out, and *NSYNC will be back. If you don’t want *NSYNC to come back, you wouldn’t bother looking at their news.

  5. Cheerio says:

    That’s not the only reason. Justin is also making a second solo album.

  6. AiRMERiCAxAO says:

    Again, another ‘I thought…’ A few days ago they were already writing, now they’re not together right now… *yawn* call me when a NEW development happens…Like..proof…

  7. Smile says:

    You missed her whole point. NSYNC fans were rude when the BSB decided to work on solo projects (which they are helping each other on) before going back into the studio for the next BSB album. Which, by the way, they already have already recorded songs for. BSB fans already knew NSYNC was going to do the same thing. This pretty much proves what we already knew.

  8. fyb_0000 says:

    I think Joey should make one. He did a good job in My Big Fat Greek Wedding and I like the music he listens to. Let’s hope JC’s songs don’t sound like Justin’s because Justin is a idiot.

  9. Susie Chasez says:

    Thanks Nsync For Taking Time To Put This Album Together! God Bless

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