*NSYNC Rock Buffalo

Reviewer: Miranda Leigh

I just returned home to Toronto after my trip to Buffalo for *NSYNC’s Celebrity 2002 concert. I spent close to $900 Canadian on floor seats…but it was worth every penny! It was, by far, the best concert I have ever attended….and I have been to MANY! BEST MOMENT: Too many to choose… Motown tribute on catwalk and blues remix are up there though! Having JC notice me dancing my ass off! WORST MOMENT: Watching Justin Timberlake practice for his solo career in a rendition of “gone” that seemed to go on for hours! He’s a talented guy but I payed $ for NSYNC…not Justin alone! Honestly…this concert was so amazing that my friends and i are now planning a trip to Florida to see the final show! MY ADVICE: GO! Even of you don’t like these guys they will earn your respect…I was impressed with the # of guys there gettin their groove on!

The Early Show Highlights

April 16, 2002 – were on CBS’ The Early Show this morning where they talked about the scaled down tour, Lance going into space, and what the other guys would leave the group for under similar circumstances. Justin Timberlake said if the NBA called him up, or Tiger Woods called him up that he’d go in a heartbeat, while Chris said a gardening gig at the Playboy mansion would be cause for him to ditch his bandmates. They’ll be on again tomorrow, where JC and Justin will give them a tour of the backstage area.

Justin Timberlake B96 Interview Now Online

April 16, 2002 – Eddie and JoBo of B96.com spoke with Justin Timberlake of *NSYNC backstage before their show in Chicago earlier this month. Justin called Chicago his favorite city in America, talked about growing up on Al Greene, working with Nelly, dealing with gossip, the ups and downs with the group, the new CD, and more. Midway through, stepped in. The interview has since been removed.

Jokes And Stories Halt *NSYNC Show’s Momentum

April 16, 2002 – Sarah Rodman of the Boston Herald was at Monday night’s *NSYNC show at the FleetCenter, having to leave early to make her deadline – which she partially blamed on the group. Rodman wrote, “The performance was paced well as the quintet oscillated between jittery dance pop hits like ‘Bye, Bye, Bye’ and ‘Tearin’ Up My Heart’ and ballads like ‘This I Promise You.’ But things came to a grinding halt near the end as the group told agonizingly tedious jokes and stories.”

Lack Of Eye Candy Works Against *NSYNC

April 16, 2002 – Lisa Rose of the New Jersey Star-Ledger was at *NSYNC’s Continental Airlines Arena concert on Sunday, and was unimpressed with the scaled back theme. Rose said of the show, “The lack of eye candy worked against *NSYNC because they don’t have a strong enough catalog to pull it off. The whole night was imbued with a sense of fatigue. The soft-shoe choreography and unnaturally sweet harmonies seemed like relics from a sunnier time.”

*NSYNC Star Has No Plans For Monogamy

April 15, 2002 – Bill Zwecker of the Chicago Sun Times reports that despite several sightings of Justin Timberlake with dancer Jenna Dewan, don’t look for her to become the *NSYNC star’s next long-term girlfriend. An *NSYNC insider told Zwecker, “He’s going to be dating lots of people for the foreseeable future.”

Special Guest At *NSYNC’s Continental Airlines Arena Show

April 15, 2002 – A fan on LiveDaily.com reports *NSYNC’s Sunday night concert had a very special guest – Nelly. The Continental Airlines Arena show got the biggest reaction of the night when the rapper hit the stage during *NSYNC’s set.

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