*NSYNC To Perform At A Benefit For A Sick Friend

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Billy Bush from ‘Access Hollywood’ spoke with *NSYNC past weekend during their annual charity event Challenge For The Children. JC, Justin, Chris, Lance and Joey said they will be reuniting to perform at a benefit for their sick friend. “We want to bring some of her friends, some of our friends, and we want to raise some money for her”, said JC Chasez. But does it mean the boys will head into recording studio anytime soon? “We’re on hiatus… indefinitely,” said.

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4 thoughts on “*NSYNC To Perform At A Benefit For A Sick Friend

  1. hooker says:

    that’s good. how’s lance lovelife by the way?

  2. galleta says:

    I don’t see why the other 4 can’t just get back together without Justin. I know he and JC were the lead singers but JC can do it without justin.

  3. imnangl says:

    JC is the man!!’, ‘They won’t because they are too loyal to what “NSYNC” is and that’s ALL 5 guys. Lance has out right refused to do it unless EVERYONE comes back! Too bad Justin is such an arse! But you are right…JC could totally do it all! He’s so talented; no question..

    Who is this sick friend? I would like to be invited to this performance. Seeing the guys all together again…that would be AMAZING!! Love those guys!

  4. galleta says:

    I don’t agree, JT is doing his own thing and that’s ok, why shouldn’t he stretch his’, ‘wings, he’s doing great on his own. I personally think if he would go back to the group now that it would just turn into the Justin show. He would sing lead on all the songs and he would be showcased now and not the group and gawd who wants that. I really think they should try to make a go of it without Justin.

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