*NSYNC To Tour Summer 2004?

Contributed by ballersfantasy:

was on 104 KRBE in Houston, as he’s been in town for World Space Week, and he talked about the plans has for the future. He said that they’re currently writing material for their upcoming album. He also said they’re gonna start recording it early next year. He said the album should be released by May and confirmed a summer tour. When asked what his favorite soft drink was he replied Dr. Pepper than quickly said he also likes Mr. Pibb. He jokingly went on to say that he would drink either, in hopes one of the company’s would sponsor their tour. You can also see pictures of Lance visiting Ed White Elementary on Thursday (October 9) in Houston from WireImage.

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7 thoughts on “*NSYNC To Tour Summer 2004?

  1. elgato says:

    just like *NSYNC recording in September and just like JC’s album coming out this year. right. *NSYNC is over and everyone knows it except NSYNC’s fans.

  2. RainWater says:

    Are there any other message boards similar to this one and live daily? What are they?

  3. justanotherbtch says:

    I think elgato is really scared because he knows that when *NSYNC comes back they are gonna do better than the Backstreet Boys do when they drop their CD that will flop. That’s okay elgato, be scared and know that *NSYNC is going to again be breaking records. deal with it :)

  4. elgato says:

    justanotherwhore, we know that you think these things. yet you’ve failed to ever be right. JC just did an interview where he said he wouldn’t start working on an *NSYNC album until next year, which happens to be when his album comes out. so we know that it’ll be further than that if at all. and Chris just said he’s working on his OWN album. and we all know Justin would never give lance an opportunity to write. so this is obviously bull crap. just admit that it’s YOU who is afraid.

  5. elissawynn2003 says:

    Elgato, you may hate *NSYNC and other pop artists but you don’t have to be discriminatory to homosexual people. You have your beliefs that *NSYNC aren’t good. That’s fine, people are allowed to like what they like. But you shouldn’t be saying things that may be seen as being homophobic and discriminatory about the fans of the artists. You have your beliefs in who is good, and other have theirs, just because others may not agree with you, doesn’t mean you have to put others down for what they like.How would feel if someone said something bad about your favorite artist/group?

  6. kellyp says:

    NSYNC is coming back and no one can stop them. the guys are totally kick ass. they are back and here to stay, and if you anti-Nsyncers can’t deal with that- piss off.

  7. xoinnocentjrtgrl says:

    excuse me?? *NSYNC was NEVER over.. the backstreet girls ARE over. a lot of non fans know there not over.. they wont be for a while yet. NSYNC has ALWAYS been better that BSG. and always will be. DEAL WITH IT!

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