NSYNC’s Acceptance For Best Pop Video

NSYNC came on stage for the third time in the night to accept the award for Best Pop Video as Nikki Costa and presented the award. Joey thanked his Pop stand-in Wade this time.

Full Acceptance Speech Transcript:

I got to thank somebody real quick.

Wade, wade, come here, wade. Wade was actually… he m man.

He should be– i want to thank him actually. He helped me out because when my leg was messed up, he was there in the video. So if you saw bits and pieces, it was him and it was me.

You’re right. We are going to thank god first off. The man.

We’re going to thank MTV and we’re going to thank our fans.


And everyone we thanked before, we love you so much. We’ll keep it short.

Thanks a lot, guys.

Thank you very much. ( Cheers and applause )

NSYNC’s Acceptance For Best Group Video

7, 2001 – won the Best Group Video Award for Pop where Tenacious D. presented the surprised band again with the award. Justin said U2 should have won.

Dirty pop

Okay. Okay. So U2 was robbed this time. Wow. Both friggin’ awards, you can’t even say because we didn’t expect it at all. We can’t thank our management enough, and our tour support everybody from Anthony to Dave.

We have a cheat sheet.

We’re very bad at this so we want to make sure we have everybody Johnny Wright, Dave Brown, all of our bodyguards. We love you. Janet, Soniah, Steve, Wayne Grisham, Wayne Robson, MTV, all the fans, we love you.

Thank you.

Our crew, our stage manager, we thank Michael for coming out on stage with us. That was huge. He just made five fans so happy.

And we also want to thank all the groups out there. We know how hard it is y’all worked. We love you. Peace.

All the nominees, we love you. We have nothing but love for y’all.

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