NSYNC’s Challenge For The Children Mania In Miami

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fans from the JJB hve reportedly seen all members of *NSYNC today since the group is getting ready for the CFTC. The fifth annual Challenge For The Children will feature celebrity skills challenge on July 19th at Collins Park Beachfront, a celebrity basketball game on July 20th in Ft. Lauderdale, as well as musical performances. ‘MissDylan and JRT’ from the JJB gives her experience seeing the *NSYNC stars in Miami. Read on to read what she had to say.

*takes in a deep breath*

Y’all, we just checked into the Eden Roc and this place is JUMPING. Like seriously. Ten minutes after we stepped inside, we saw Lance, with a new tribally tat, looking VERY VERY GORGEOUS! Honestly, pictures don’t do his justice. He’s just…wow. Gorgeous.

Then I saw Trace and his girlfriend, I was leaning up against the railing and he looked at me and smiled. I can actually look him in the FACE and I’m like 5’0”. He’s seems a lot less grimy in person and kind of sweet.

Then we saw Trevor from in full on golf gear. He’s so fine. He was smiling and grinning. It took me a lot of willpower not to get into the elevator with him.

Justin and JC walked by and me and Dylan we at the payphones and the ATM.

Then we were in search for something and Justin walked right in front of us. My radar so wasn’t turned on. I was trying not to look as desperate and obvious as those girls camped out in the lobby.

After that, we got “interviewed” by this “freelance” reporter, that kept following me around the hotel. He let us look at all the official CTFC press releases and such, he was really sweet. Then he kinda got creepy, popping up wherever I was. He said he was looking for us because he had passes to the celebrity pool party and he was going to give them to me. I’m not sure if that was true or not. *runs away*

Dylan and I got goosed by waves and trudged back through the hotel. I was carrying a cup of seashells, looking like a four year old that just saw the ocean for the first time and Wilmer, Fez from that 70s show were in the elevator going up, we shook his hand. He is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO incredibly gorgeous. I’m not even joking. I wish I had condoms at that very second.

Then we saw Joey going down to the lobby and we didn’t get on the DAMN ELEVATOR. Dylan was all “donde esta Sarah?” and I just took a step…thought and turned around. After the elevator doors closed we TOOK OFF RUNNING like psychos. What can I saw, Joey just has that effect on us. I wonder if he remembered my tits.

What else? We saw TBOZ and tons of football players and Gabrielle Union eating some chicken wings. Both are flawless.

When they left for the party, it was chaos. Pure and STAR STUDDED. It looked like the @#%$ universe down there. I was in my tanki and a long skirt. Looking quite ho-ish, but Joey and Chris and JC were down there. Girls weren’t screaming or anything, which was good, but it was crazy. We just went down there for a telephone book and I got stuck between the bodyguard and JC. I stared at his skin, slightly red, but tanned, and I reached out to touch him, but didn’t. I hate it when people touched me, so I just said excuse me and moved over to the desk where Trevor was talking on his cell phone.

Some guy was KISSING JOEY on the forehead. And yes, Chris was chilling with wee man. He looks so great. The hiatus did wonders for him. He was glowing. Both Joey and Kelly were there and they left holding hands.

I know I left @#%$ out, but I just wanted to give you and update.

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