*NSYNC’s Challenge For The Children VI

All the guys from *NSYNC, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Gimenez, Joel Madden of Good Charlotte, Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child, Lindsay Lohan, Nick Cannon, and Usher were on hand for *NSYNC’s Challenge for the Children VI at various venues in Miami Beach, Florida over the weekend. Check out pictures from WireImage, TheSun, and GettyImages.

In Charity Flap

July 25, 2004 – On the weekend of *NSYNC’s Challenge for Children Foundation fundraiser, Culinary Workers Union 226 is alleging to The New York Post that the charity “does not meet Better Business Bureau standards” for giving away money, and also says they’ve obscured this fact in IRS filings. The union has filed “investigation requests” with the BBB, the IRS and the Florida attorney general’s office, since Challenge for the Children’s next fundraiser is in Miami this weekend. CFTC rep Melinda Bell insisted, “We are well within the IRS guidelines. Our books are open.”

Timberlake A Stumbling Block In Reunion Plans

July 15, 2004 – The Mirror reports that plans for a greatest hits album have stalled because Justin Timberlake is reluctant to return to the boy band after enjoying huge solo success. “There’s meant to be a greatest hits coming out in November and a possible Christmas TV special, but it’s all now up in the air,” an insider revealed. “Justin’s had so much success that he doesn’t need to get back with the band. He’s also very busy and finding the time to do stuff with the band is hard, but if he really wanted to make it work it could.”

*NSYNC’s Future To Be Determined Later This Month

July 15, 2004 – After *NSYNC’s performance in Miami to benefit its Challenge for the Children Foundation on July 25th, band member Joey Fatone tells The New York Daily News that the boy band will be “having a meeting to discuss when we are going to start writing” for a new album.

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3 thoughts on “*NSYNC’s Challenge For The Children VI

  1. lilla says:

    I’ve never thought Justin was that great looking but that beard is just ug, it looks so messy and furry

  2. Diablo27 says:

    It was awesome seeing all the guys together again. They nailed the National Anthem. Hopefully all worked out Monday and they’ll do another album. They also raised 4 million bucks which is even better.

  3. britisdabestever says:

    WOW that’s great, it gets higher every year =D. btw do you know where I can find a video or audio with them singing the national anthem?

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