*NSYNC’s Lance Bass Talks About New Album

Lance Bass tells Radio 1 that is beginning work on a new album that he hopes is released by year’s end. Bass says the members’ solo projects can only help the group. “It think it was great,” Bass said of bandmate Justin Timberlake’s solo debut ‘Justified’. “I mean all of our fans got on board and plus he got a lot more fans, especially with the urban market that totally embraced him. Which is gonna be great when our new album comes out because we’ll have a whole fast vast new market.”

Lance Bass Disses ‘American Idol’ Commercialism

April 22, 2003 – star Lance Bass tells TV Guide Online that he’s getting turned off by the new season of ‘American Idol’. “It’s gotten a little too commercialized for me,” the singer said, despite the existence of *NSYNC lip balm, corporate tour sponsorships, and dozens of other products and endorsement deals. “I don’t like how they cheese it up with Ford commercials. It’s too Broadway for me. It’s like when that ‘205’ guy, Ruben, and this other girl were singing in front of a mansion in the car. What are they doing? It’s like cheesy karaoke videos they’re creating. It feels like they’re selling out.”

Lance Bass In Trouble After Hotel Hijinks

April 17, 2003 – Dees Sleaze reports star Lance Bass was spotted lounging at a hotel in Los Angeles with two bikini babes. One of his pals got too drunk, so they de-pantsed him and left him naked. Others at the hotel were upset, so now Lance has to go back to the hotel and apologize.

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