Number Ones Revisited (2) – Madonna

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Now let’s talk about Madonna’s Number Ones. There’s only 12 of them, and the sad thing about them is that, unlike Mariah Carey’s Number Ones, they do not represent the best of Madonna. Her classics like “Holiday,” “Into The Groove,” “La Isla Bonita,” etc., are always thought of as hitting Number One (as they should have), but didn’t. One thing about songs – especially the early ones – is that they always give us (whether we like her or not) a sense of nostalgia.

1. Like A Virgin [22 December 1984-26 January [1985] – The one song that can define and represent Madonna. A true classic. Who can ever forget the words? Who can ever forget the video?

2. Crazy For You [11 May 1985] – If you look at this list, most of Madonna’s #1’s are ballads. It’s really amazing how one identified with dance songs can come up with the greatest ballads. This theme from the forgotten film “Vision Quest” is best remembered as the song that knocked “We Are The World” off the #1 spot.

3. Live To Tell [7 June 1986] – Another haunting ballad from another movie soundtrack. This was were the trademark reinvention really began. In its video, we no longer see the lace-and-crucifix laden Toy Boy but a woman who stepped out from the 1940s.

4. Papa Don’t Preach [16-23 August 1986] – Memorable hook. Memorable video. Memorable message. Who can ever forget it? Desecrated by the pig Kelly Osbourne not too long ago. (Does calling Osbourne a pig qualify me as a racist? It SHOULD. I’m always branded a racist every time I call Shar Jackson an ape!)

5. Open Your Heart [7 February 1987] – Killer hook, great retro-futuristic video. Desecrated by when it was used for her horrible excuse of a film “Crossroads.”

6. Who’s That Girl [22 August 1987] – Here’s one thing Madonna can accomplish but Mariah can’t! This song came from one of the worst movie flops of the 80s, yet its theme went to #1. The same cannot be said of any of the songs from “Glitter.” LOL. Also, though known for her many film flops, most of The Corpse’s greatest songs are from movies.

7. Like A Prayer [22 April-6 May 1989] – A true Madonna classic. A true classic. Period. The best Madonna song ever (next is “Rain”). There ought to be a law banning anyone from remaking this song.

8. Vogue [19 May-2 June 1990] – Said to be one of The Corpse’s best, but I don’t like it.

9. Justify My Love [5-12 January 1990] – No comment.

10. This Used To Be My Playground [8 August 1992] – Another movie theme. Love it when Madonna takes on a 1930s and 1940s persona in her videos.

11. Take A Bow [25 February-8 April 1995] – Madonna’s biggest hit ever.

12. Music [16 September-7 October 2000] – It’s been years since Madonna ever had a song at #1. It’s really alarming when you think about it, especially nowadays when her arch nemesis Mariah Carey collects them like stamps. Question is when and how?

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