O-Town And Russell Simmons Join HRA

Launch.com was at the Hard Rock Academy’s (HRA) Celebrity Advisory Council press conference at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York City on Thursday (July 25) where O-Town and Russell Simmons became the latest to join the HRA to educate and train aspiring musicians. “Believe it or not, it’s really actually hard to find places to get some quality training,” O-Town’s said. “We heard about this, and this seems to be a very good place for young people with the vision of where they want to be or not–somebody who just wants to be onstage and get some experience to go, and somebody who also wants to get a deal. It’s just someplace for them to go to hone their skills and get some sort of time in the spotlight and hopefully, if they don’t get discovered, they have some sort of knowledge to go away from.”

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