O-Town Dropped From J Records?

Contributed by CanadaLovesOTown:

Even though nothing is confirmed yet, and is still listed as one of the artists on the official J Records web site, it appears as if O-Town has been dropped from J Records. This was sent out yesterday by a yahoo! group, and has already spread to thousands of O-Town groups….

has been dropped from J Records.

Today Amber and I called J Records to set up a phone interview with O-Town, and we were informed that they had just been dropped from the label. Tell everyone, and be sure to let them know that Adams_Chix/Front Row Fanz were the first to get you this Information!”

Of course this information is from the fans, so nothing is confirmed, but unfortunately, it all makes sense. Their contract with J Records was for two albums only, and at the last concert on Saturday in Orlando, FL, finished off with a *very* emotional performance of “All Or Nothing” which not only had fans in tears, but O-Town, themselves, as well. As they walked off-stage, Trevor had his arm around Jacob, both crying. During the concert they thanked the fans for supporting them and staying with them.

Right now, it is said that O-Town is looking for a new record label, and the fans are trying to help them anyway they can. It’s just sad that J Records dropped O-Town when their album sales were starting to pick up. As of a little while ago, they had sold just over 250 000 copies of “O2”, which is a huge improvement from their first week of sales.

No matter where O-Town’s paths lead them in life, O-Town fans are staying with them and are very proud to be fans of such amazing men who have made an impact. They’ll never be forgotten.

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11 thoughts on “O-Town Dropped From J Records?

  1. distillertraunt says:

    HA HA HA HA HA! How can anyone be a fan of them? They are so manufactured, they were PUT TOGETHER in front of everyone’s face. They didn’t even have to do crap, it was just handed to them, and when they actually had to do something, they whined.

    I watched the show, I once was a teenybopper. And they didn’t work. They sang and danced. Big *****ing deal. Other bands have to work 10x harder, they had a record deal the first year they were a band, some bands go on for years and years. And I’m talking about real bands, not boybands.

  2. rachel says:

    Oh R.I.P O-town, I never liked them but they didn’t deserve to be dropped. They were an okay band, the seemed to be some talented individuals in that group.

  3. faust says:

    now it’s time for Backstreet Boys lol!

  4. AiRMERiCAxAO says:

    That sucks..Yes, O-Town was manufactured but they had talent. I bet J records is exactly like Jive (or is it the same record?)

  5. grace_04 says:

    Thats just sad. But I always knew they would be dropped by their record label anyway. O-Town is a one-hit-wonder.

  6. Britneyforever says:

    Damn I loved O-Town.” I know when he’s been on your mind that distant look is in your eyes I thought with time you’d realize its over over its not the way I choose to live but someone somewhere’s got to give as sharing this relationship gets older older you know id fight for you but how can I fight someone who isn’t even there I’ve had the rest of you now I want the best o*****ause I want it all or nothing at all there’s nowhere else to fall when you reach the bottom its now or never is it all or are we just friends is this how it ends with a simple telephone call you leave me here with nothing at all.

  7. Dancer4Life says:

    Oh, well, to bad for O-Town. I guess they’ll find somebody who will give them a contract, but it’s not like they are a good band in the first place. I don’t think it was J Records fault that “02” didn’t do well. I just think people forgot about O-Town and therefore their sales suffered.

  8. TheWad says:

    that is actually incorrect. did you even watch the show. nothing was given to them. they were put together the same way every other boy band was put together. they had to earn they’re own record label it wasn’t just given to them. “and when they actually had to do something they whined”, that’s what you said. what are you speaking of. is there anything in particular you are referring to or are you just talking out of your ass.

  9. faerie-bijou says:

    I’m no fan of O Town or anything, but Distillertraunt, you need to open your eyes. Show me a popular band/group that hasn’t been manufactured.

  10. Stallion says:

    I guess the whole pop thing is over for pretty much everybody with a few exception Britney Spear N’sync Christina Aguilera and Pink. I”m glad that Jessica Simpson and Nick are still around and hope that they don’t fade away as well.

  11. Meggz75 says:

    So sad. OTown is a band that has big time talent. They have been through a lot and in the public eye no less. I give them props for handling crap from the world as well as they have. I have seen them twice in concert and they are NOT your typical boyband. They all have their own style and that is what sets them apart from the rest. As for the futures…who knows! That is the beauty of life, you just never know what will happen but I wish the boys lots of luck and I hope to see them do what they do best; entertain :D Trev…if you read this…. you are banging too! hehe haha

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