O-Town Officially Over

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November 5, 2003) Based on the rumors that were circulating and the many questions posed by fans following Ashley’s announcement of his solo debut album, Inside O-Town asked Ashley to get a statement from all 5 guys to give to the fans about the future of O-Town and what each of them are doing now. This is the statement that Ash gave us after consulting with all of the guys – please note that all O-Town sites are welcome to reprint this statement provided that credit is given to www.insideotown.com.

Dear O-TOWN Fans,

We realize there have been several different rumors circulating about the group and we would like to tell you ourselves exactly where we stand. O-TOWN will always be the greatest blessing any one of us could have ever wished for … unfortunately, however, we had to sign several contracts that were not in our best interests. We wanted you to know that our decision not to continue forward as O-TOWN was mutual and we all still remain best friends … that will never change. Here is an update on each one of us:

Jacob has finished building his home in San Diego where he recently served as an honorary fire fighter to protect his neighborhood from the California fires. Thankfully, he and his family are safe. He continues his study of the Bible to regain focus and direction and he is learning more everyday.

Dan is living in Orlando where he has been writing and producing a lot of material out of his home studio. He will keep you posted on his plans for upcoming projects.

Trevor lives in Southern California where he continues to study acting, professionally. He is currently auditioning for both film and television and can be found on local golf courses everywhere.

Ashley resides in Los Angeles where he is currently writing and recording material for a solo album. Shortly, he will be launching his own website where you can find out much more information about this and ask him any questions you might have.

As always Erik-Michael is all over the country on any given day. He has constantly been surrounding himself in a work environment. He continues to write incredible songs and has been approached by different companies regarding a solo project. Erik has also been given the opportunity to explore his acting talents and has become quite ambitious about that! He has mentioned the possibility of his own website so keep tuned to Inside O-Town for that link.

We hope this update has answered some of your questions concerning the group. As you know, we truly appreciate all the support of our fans. Talk to you soon!

Love, O-TOWN

© Inside O-Town 2003 – Do not reprint without credit to www.insideotown.com

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6 thoughts on “O-Town Officially Over

  1. muzik_luver says:

    *tear* I love them!!! It’s so sad to know that my first time seeing them live and meeting them is also now my last. I’m just so glad I got the opportunity. They are amazing!

  2. NJHottie24 says:

    Does anyone actually give a damn? They sucked, they are just cookie molds

  3. Jaggie says:

    Damn, did anyone really think they’d stay together? those music reality show bands never work out. Da Band is gonna break up in a year or two too because they hate each other.

  4. beebeeotown says:

    You guys are so f**king stupid and careless, you’re not talented like them so shut up and get a life

  5. willow84 says:

    Aww :( hey guys you remember that song all or nothing, that was a great song.

  6. XxmissyxX says:

    *sniffles* I saw this coming! I just KNEW their “hiatus” was a breakup for sure. aw man…ya know what. I’ll always be a fan. but if they’re broken up..oh well! it was fun while it lasted! =) thanks O-Town for all the memories…lol. it sucks I’ll never get to meet all five of them together. seriously that was like my dream to meet them and take a pic with the five of them together. that ain’t gonna happen now

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