O-Town On Why They Stopped ‘Making The Band’

Alloy.com spoke with the guys from and asked them if they regret having done ‘Making the Band’, considering that they decided not to do another season of the hit show (others have suggested MTV balked at the band’s hefty pay demands). Trevor Penick said, “We felt that we were at a point in our career where what we really wanted to concentrate on is the music. It was time for us to not be on TV anymore. It was time for us to speak just through our music. But I don’t regret being on the show.” Bandmate Erik-Michael Estrada added, “I really don’t either. Everything that happened helped us grow as people. We treat it like an old high school graduation video. We were very different, and we grow from that obviously.”

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One thought on “O-Town On Why They Stopped ‘Making The Band’

  1. Naeyla El-Hajj says:

    I think that it was their decision to leave. Like other bands; N’sync, B44, and BBMak, they made their decision on what they wanted and what they thought was best for them. Us fans could have done much more to give them all the best. If it wern’t for us, they wouldn’t have made it this far in the game.

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