O-Town Talk About Blender Mag Experience

chatted with Kiwibox.com about their attempt to transition themselves as adults in the recent issue of Blender magazine. “The last album was put together so fast, and the songs didn’t really represent us,” said Dan Miller. “We felt like we were thirteen year old boys, ya know? I mean some of the things we were singing about were just not us.” Jacob added, “Yeah, Blender was like ‘We’ll make you guys go to bars, and go to strip clubs’. And I mean, we’re all for chillin’ with people, but not in a trashy way. I mean we went home early and got a bad rap from Blender about it, which doesn’t really bother us, but we’re not trying to come out with a statement like ‘We’re adult now and we want an adult audience.’ We love our fans, and we hope they appreciate this album like they did the last, but hope they understand that wasn’t necessarily us.”

The complete article at kiwibox.com has since been removed.

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