O-Town Thanks E-Team Members For Bugging Radio DJ’s

sent a message to members of their street team on October 10 saying: “You guys are seriously UNSTOPPABLE! As we wrapped our ‘These Are The Days’ video shoot the single went #1 requested on KISS FM in LOS ANGELES as well as other major cities across the U.S! Much love to all you out there who are requesting our single on your local radio stations AND BUGGING YOUR RADIO D’J’s TO THE EDGES OF INSANITY! Just yesterday at Z100’s radio station in NEW YORK CITY, the radio DJ was like, ‘I have to tell you guys you have an incredible STREET TEAM because the second we added your song to the radio the phones didn’t stop ringing!’ This song is off to a better start than ‘All Or Nothing’ because of your hard work. People are falling in love with the song already because it is tells such a great story JUST LIKE THE VIDEO WILL! You guys want to know a little inside information on what to expect from the ‘THESE ARE THE DAYS’ video? Well, JACOB starts the story on the edge of his bed in an old, run down hotel in the middle of nowhere, as he sings the lyrics you can sense his loneliness and it is very emotional.”

“All five of us are separated into our own individual stories and as the video progresses each clip stands out whether it is ASHLEY roaming a forgotten highway in the desert or ERIK who is making his way through miles of junk yard…TREVOR who is all by himself in a lonely diner, singing as he stares through the window…..or DAN who is also making his way through the wreckage…. the video is artistic and compelling…. keep your eyes peeled for the girl that might share an onscreen kiss with one of us (remember it’s only acting ya’ll are still are number ones) and also CONGRATULATIONS to all of you for building so much hype around this song…..now the video is set up to BE THE BIGGEST DEBUT OTOWN HAS EVER SEEN!!”

“The more you continue to believe in us THE MORE WE CAN’T WAIT TO GET BACK ON TOUR!! Make sure to check out our website for all the information on performances of THESE ARE THE DAYS…we are rehearsing to perform on a lot of television shows in the next month before NOVEMBER 12th!!! Keep driving your local radio DJ’s INSANE!! MUCH LOVE—–xoxoxoxoxoxo”

Ash,Trev,Dan, E, Jake…..OTOWN

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