O-Town’s Jacob Labels *NSYNC ‘Ugly’

WENN reports singer Jacob Underwood has labeled rival boy band *NSYNC “ugly”. He sniffed, “There are a lot of bands that are ugly too. Like *NSYNC – they’re pretty ugly.” Asked whether he’d be interested in going into space with Lance Bass, Jacob said, “No way. I wouldn’t go because Lance isn’t cool and I like hanging out with cool people. Just look at him. The hair, the clothes, it’s a package deal.”

*NSYNC Cover Of Disney Tune

15, 2002 – A full version of *NSYNC’s cover of the Disney tune ‘When You Wish Upon A Star’ has been posted online. The song is included on the new Disneymania CD coming out this Tuesday (September 17). Other artists on the album include Usher, Ashanti, Aaron Carter, A-Teens, and Smashmouth.

Justin Timberlake On *NSYNC’s Future

14, 2002 – TeenPeople.com spoke with Justin Timberlake and asked him what he thinks about people being concerned over *NSYNC’s future with his solo effort. “I don’t really understand [that],” he said. “If they’re curious about what we’re going to do, then I understand. [But] there’s always going to be a group.”

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4 thoughts on “O-Town’s Jacob Labels *NSYNC ‘Ugly’

  1. guccimama says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha..O-Town.. ha ha ha ha
    Guess they don´t know what ugly is then ha ha ha ha. I´d rater spent any day of my life with someone that has vision and guts enough to go into space than any of these failed teenybopper stars..ha ha ha ha.
    Ugly..Jacob.ugly. ha ha ha ha ha.

  2. Lucy says:

    Whoa. I’m admittedly not an NSYNC fan but that was just plain uncalled for. I hope this is just a rumor. WENN is kinda known for spreading false rumors. If it’s true though, O-Town just some respect in my book. (But until I know it’s true…*shrug*)

  3. Syndney says:

    He might be nervous for O-Town upcoming cd that has been pushed back like a million times now. Jacob needs too look in a mirror sometime soon.

  4. elgato says:

    Nsync says good things about anybody when they’re just coming out. So if that group/artist blows up, Nsync will look like they were supportive. But after the group/artist falls out of the spotlight, Nsync acts like they never existed. Look at Eden’s Crush, Craig David, Otown, Dream, Christina Milian, Sisqo. They were all Nsync’s “friends” for awhile. Now Nsync doesn’t even mention them. That’s just how they are. If you really like someone, you don’t just say something when they start, you support them even when they fall. Nsync are so quick to turn on people. Here comes the kindergarten fans ready to reply. This is gonna be good, lookin’ forward to another debate. Muhahahaha.

    P.S. All of a sudden Nsync fans care about whether something came from a credible source or a tabloid. I can remember several articles from tabloids (obviously false articles) about BSB that Nsync fans took to heart and made jokes about. How does it feel?

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