Of Monsters And Men Release ‘My Head Is An Animal’ In America

Of Monsters And Men 'My Head Is An Animal'

Of Monsters And Men released their debut album ‘My Head Is An Animal’ in the U.S. last week on Universal after dropping the LP in their native Iceland in 2011. The U.S. version includes two additional tracks, ‘Slow and Steady’ and ‘Mountain Sound’. Check out a the track listing and the WeWereMonkeys directed music video for the album’s first single, ‘Littel Talks’, via YouTube below.

‘My Head Is An Animal’ Track Listing:
1. “Dirty Paws”
2. “King and Lionheart”
3. “Mountain Sound”
4. “Slow and Steady”
5. “From Finner”
6. “Little Talks”
7. “Six Weeks”
8. “Love Love Love”
9. “Your Bones”
10. “Sloom”
11. “Lakehouse”
12. “Yellow Light”
13. “Numb Bears”

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