Oh Land Discusses Her Sound, Style And Musical Upbringing

Oh Land (Nanna Øland Fabricius)

Nanna Øland Fabricius of Oh Land sat down with StyleCaster to discuss her inspiration, style, the visual aspect of her style and her sound in an interview with StyleCaster.

“I grew up in a house with a lot of music. My parents were musicians. We had a grand piano and I played a lot, so I pretty much started writing songs, even though it wasn’t very good songs. I just started when I was very young.”

Talking about her transition to music from ballet, the artist said, “When I was 18 I got this back injury, that was when I took up songwriting.”

As for the blend of her musical sound, the Danish artist explained, “I have these two sides to my music, these two poles, where one is this really natural kind of call, I have this big love for nature. I’m very much inspired by church music and Bulgarian choirs and sounds, really ambient music. At the same time I live in 2010 and I have this big interest in electronic.”

Discussing what fans can expect when seeing her perform live, Oh Land said, “The visual aspect is really important for me to get out in the live shows, because electronic music often doesn’t really have a body. It’s like something that comes out of a computer.”

Talking about her style, Oh Land shared, “I think it’s really fun to play with clothes, and I often don’t find it’s very different from when I was a child and just pulled things from my mom’s closet and I kind of thought, ‘Oh I can cut the sleeves off’, without asking my mom.”

Watch the feature via YouTube below.

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