OJ Simpson Comments On Michael Jackson’s Acquittal

ESPN.com caught up with OJ Simpson for a video interview, and asked the football great about his thoughts on ’s acquittal on child molestation charges. Simpson, who was found criminally not guilty though civilly guilty of double murder, responded, “I know Michael, and I never saw that side of Michael. My family has spent a lot of time at Neverland. Most of the time, Michael is not there. But, he had opened up Neverland for my family, my kids’ birthdays and things. Back in the ’70s, Michael, myself, Dustin Hoffman, Neil Diamond, we started a camp called Camp Good Times for kids with cancer, because one of Dustin Hoffman’s nephews, I believe, couldn’t stay in a camp in Malibu, because they didn’t have the facility or something, to take care of him if he got sick. So we all got together and did fund raisers and stuff and started a camp called Camp Good Times in Los Angeles, that spread all over the country, Camp Good Days, or Camp something else around there. I know at Neverland, Mike had that Neverland Ranch opened up all the time for kids, and I’m sure the kid had cancer. Mike has always been involved with helping kids, especially kids with cancer, and I know that firsthand, so I just hope that — I saw where he said that he would continue to participate, but from afar.” Watch the entire interview or read a transcript here.

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3 thoughts on “OJ Simpson Comments On Michael Jackson’s Acquittal

  1. CharlotteNCusa says:

    Can someone squeeze me some homemade OJ

  2. popstar says:

    I saw a shirt at Hottopic that said: “Drink apple juice, cause OJ will kill you.” & it had a white bronco..lol

  3. champagne_dancer says:

    The thoughts of a convicted double-murderer concerning a known pedophile are pretty’, ‘meaningless, in my opinion … I wish these Hollywood felons would keep their thoughts to themselves. Simpson’s opinions on ANY subject are worthless, even a subject as redundant as Michael Jackson’s “humanitarian efforts.” They got away with their crimes…why can’t they shut up and be happy with their acquittals? Being found “not guilty” because of a thin shred of “reasonable doubt” doesn’t make either of these felons innocent.

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