Old Madonna System And New Britney Spears Zone

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Madonna scandalized conservative America with a declaration that she, as a woman, was not ashamed of her body and her sexuality. In the 80’s with the onslaught of a deadly disease Aids, Madonna dared to talk about an issue that most wanted to do nothing about. Madonna was bold and loud in an age when silence and denial was in. Two decades later, Spears shocked the world by proclaiming her virginity, while her taut torsos and sexualized music were omnipresent simultaneously. In the new millennium, Spears managed to discuss sexual restrain in an age where teenagers could not watch sexuality in the theatre but practice it at the back of their trucks. In an age of voyeurism and reality shows that turned the common man to the rank celebritydom, Spears was subtle and precocious.

It seemed that the two artists, separated by their epoque and approaches should have nothing in command. But just as Madonna performed “like a virgin” in a wedding dress, Spears stripped to the beat of “I can’t get no satisfaction”. And Madonna tenderly crooned “Live to tell” offering timeless wisdom that “a man can tell a thousand lies”, Spears bared herself in “My weakness has caused you pain and this song is my sorry.” Both of them were initially hated and cursed especially by critics who dismissed them as talentless and a flash in the pan, but eventually proved their artistic worth.

Madonna and Spears are two sides of the same coin. They are both great dancers, modest writers and vocalist and are visually and musically provocative. But due to the fact that they were born in different eras, they have chosen different paths to the same goal. . and the goal is? That they will make you keep on listening and watching… they are risqué musicians who dared to push electronics and trance in a world of hip hop, that they are provocative and bashful at the same time, in a world obsessed with the female sex, and mostly, they will continue to tease the world who is trying to figure out if Madonna could ever be a slave for you and if Spears were ever like a virgin…

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7 thoughts on “Old Madonna System And New Britney Spears Zone

  1. Madfan says:

    No point of comparison: there will always be ONE and ONLY one MADONNA.

  2. rangergirl says:

    Their goal is to keep bringing in the money and keep their celebrity at any cost. One of the themes that Madonna “wrote” about on her bomb, American Life CD, was how Americans are too concerned w/ money and fame & how she is anti war. She sang some songs from the album at a private show in France and stated here I feel at home. (I wish she would have stayed in France). She only pulled the video from airplay from fear of a backlash-coward. America made her the super rich women she is today. What a hypocrite. Spears fairs no better. She consistently lies about whatever is convenient for her. In terms, of music if I like a song , I like it whether its’ pop, rock ,rap whatever. But it seems Brit & Madonna are (sadly) two sides of the same media whoring coin. Can any one say cha-ching?

  3. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    The only difference between these two is that Madonna has usually had something to say in her songs…. There for a while, her messages were really really good. And even now, while I might disagree with her messages, she’s still sending them through her music….. Spears…..no message to ANYTHING. Ok, so she apologized to Justin with “Everytime”, but come on….what is the REST of the album? She has yet to have a REAL message with any depth that makes you sit back and go “hummmm…” Neither gal can sing, I’m sorry, neither gal can dance, but both think they are the worlds greatest, neither gal has that great of a personality, and neither one is all that pretty (since we do live in a shallow world, I’ll throw that shallow aspect into the mix for ya kids!) Madonna pushed envelopes and reached new boundaries with her music and personality… Britney just bores the world…there’s no shock value….there are no envelopes to push, cause Madonna and Janet already did that….. What’s left?

  4. amusicfanofsoul says:

    Madonna and Britney are a great team. that’s the only reason why they are selling///Britney has a bunch of fans…and Madonna has a bunch of fans.

  5. breez says:

    I think it has to be an insult to Madonna to have Britney hailed ‘the new Madonna’. Britney may have the crown of the most popular female artist – but it takes way more than sales to be like Madonna, for God’s sake. Britney is nothing like the early Madonna – she’s not daring, confident, fearless and willing to push boundaries or go against the grain. Britney’s empty, hypocritical, fake, over-exposed and eager-to-please. Sure, they both sell a lot. But that is where the similarities end. I do realize that your post was claiming that the two were different, but I just feel it insulting to Madonna to be put in the same category as Britney.

  6. angelM says:

    I think your article is stupid! Why? because Britney has no originality.She takes every career move that Madonna did and does it a tad different. Do you call that a Britney idea? Ok then if I take Janet Jackson’s career and copy it my own way then I can get famous too? My point is that Britney has to do something her way,the only reason people watch her is because she’s young, has barely any clothes on, and is the only one that dances so far. Got it good!

  7. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Her personality is transparent….her looks are drawn on….I can go on and on you know.

    Britney’s stage shows have totally ripped off all of Janet’s shows more than Madonnas…. Her career path is more Madonna than Janet, but she rips them both off completely! HOWEVER, she can’t come close to either of them… Christina is more this generations Madonna than Britney…she possesses more Madonna like traits than Britney does… Britney is more this generations barbi doll.

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