Olivier Martinez & Kylie Minogue To Wed Following Cancer Op

Stephane Martinez, the cousin of Olivier Martinez confirmed to The People that the actor is planning to marry Kylie Minogue. “Kylie’s illness has made Olivier realize there is more to life than a glitzy show business career,” Stephane said. “He has told his parents that Kylie is the one. Olivier is at an age where he wants to settle down and start a family and I know Kylie feels the same way too. When you are faced with something like what has just happened to Kylie anything else, including acting, becomes unimportant. Olivier is in a position where he can now be with Kylie all of the time now.”

Kyle And Jackie O. With The Latest On

May 22, 2005 – Kyle and Jackie O. of Austereo talked about the latest involving Kylie Minogue’s successful cancer operation over the weekend, and the album sales boost she’s received and the marriage rumors that have emerged. Kyle also added that he was phoned by the BBC to comment on the situation. Auspipe.com has since removed the audio.

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