Olly Murs Defends Cheryl Cole Over Gamu Nhengu Decision

Olly Murs defends Cheryl Cole after the 'X Factor' judge declined to put  Gamu Nhengu throughFormer X Factor contestant has defended ’s decision not to put Gamu Nhengu through and asks people to stop being mean.

“She’s lovely. She’s great, Cheryl. I think she’s made a great decision and I think the show goes out to 20 million viewers or whatever it is and I think of course people get really passionate about the show, a lot of them feel Gamu should have got through, but there’s no need to send death threats or whatever I’ve heard.”

Watch the comments at DailyMotion.

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3 thoughts on “Olly Murs Defends Cheryl Cole Over Gamu Nhengu Decision

  1. Chelsea says:

    If I were a contestant, I would be quietly ecstatic that Gamu is out. Of course she made a great decision Olly…she was a dead cert to win.

  2. GaryS says:

    That’s just like saying Usain Bolt entered the Olympic 100 meters but wasn’t allowed to run and we all know if that happened that the Winner would be a false winner.

  3. Shahin says:

    I was always hate Olly. He is so annoying. He is boring and moreover he doesn’t have singing voice at all. He only got through to final because of ….. You know what I mean. There was at least 15 other contestants better than him of last series.

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