On Haters And Anti-Haters

Over the past year, popdirt has been inundated with “Thoughts and Opinion” submissions by warring fans and haters trying to prove to each other that their artist of choice is superior/inferior. Usually these essays bash another, competing artist, as if attacking someone a person likes would make that person listen to the essay. I’m sorry, but you essay writers need to get something into your heads:


If someone hates Christina Aguilera, they are going to hate her, no matter how many Grammys she’s won or how meaningful her songs are or whatever other positive item you throw out there– they will find something to hate on.

If someone hates Britney Spears, they are going to hate her, no matter how many records she’s sold or products she’s endorsed or how many artists come on TV and say that they like her and her music. The same goes for Mariah Carey, the Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, or any other artist.

They will find a reason to hate. Whether it be their clothes, their videos, the things they say in magazines, the people they date, their haircolor, or some other, mystical reason, they will dislike the artist.

Haven’t you ever disliked anyone– not for any real, solid reason, but just BECAUSE? Maybe you got a bad vibe about them. Maybe they remind you of someone else who pissed you off once.

Sometimes it’s just fun to hate. We all have celebrities we love to hate on– we read up on them, waiting to hear about their next scandal or faux pas. If nobody hated, popdirt would be a boring place– no contrasting opinions, no debates… just a bunch of people nodding and agreeing with one another. That’s not to say I agree with the personal attacks and mindless bickering that clutter up comment sections, but a little debate or arguing can be fun sometimes.

Another fatal mistake you essayists make is bashing another artist to prove how good yours is. Does this make any sense at all? How receptive would YOU be if someone insulted your tastes, and then proceeded to try to get you to like something else? Wouldn’t you just end up hating it even more?

I’m not saying that the essays need to stop. Write away, but if you’re going to write a essay bashing artist A, just come out and say it! Don’t do it under the facade of trying to convince people not to hate artist B.

Nobody is falling for it.

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