‘On Tour With Matt White’ Webisode

Matt White on his tour bus talking about his new single 'Best Days' and the album 'Do You Believe'A new webisode ‘On Tour with Matt White’ features Matt and his band on the tour vehicle, experiencing a breakdown of the RV, getting towed, checking in from Richmond, Virginia and warming up backstage before the feature ends with the guys on stage.

“Lifehouse tour has been fantastic,” Matt said. “Playing every night has been amazing. We’ve had tons of We have Mr. Mossimo here who sunbathes in his Speedo on the roof. He’s our Italian import.”

Talking about the new album and its first single, Matt said, “‘Best Days’ will be my single and it’s a song about living in the moment and being nostalgic and being young and falling in love and not having any responsibilities. Drinking wine and smoking cigarettes and running away and falling in love and love at first sight. Having that kind of spontaneous connection with someone. The album is called ‘Do You Believe’, I took that from one of phrases from my song ‘Best Days’, ‘do you believe in love at first sight’. I wanted the title to be kind of universal and not too focused. It’s been really great to get on the road and play them, play to crowds and have people singing the words because of MySpace and the internet or whatever. It’s just been a really, really great experience.”

Watch it below.

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