On TV: Clay Aiken, Aaron Carter, Dido

Pop acts on television this week include ‘American Idol’ runner-up Clay Aiken, who appears on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Monday, MTV’s Total Request Live on Thursday, and The View on Friday; Sugababes will be on the UK edition of TRL on Monday; and his twin sister Angel will be featured on the Montell Williams Show on Monday; Jessica Simpson and her 98 Degrees husband will be on Larry King Live on Tuesday; ‘American Idol’ runner-up Justin Guarini will be on the Sharon Osbourne Show on Tuesday; Sophie Ellis Bextor and Hilary Duff will be on the UK edition of TRL on Wednesday; and Dido will be on the Sharon Osbourne Show on Thursday.

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6 thoughts on “On TV: Clay Aiken, Aaron Carter, Dido

  1. MistySl says:

    Naw, you people know Ms. Clay does not play with the max factor, here’s my pick for drag queen of the year, CLAY AIKEN, as he runs down the walk-way, with a ton of Kelly Clarkson false eyelashes and pom-pom shorties and 5 inch heals singing his show tunes. And I’m sure Ruben is waiting backstage with Open Arms.

  2. clayfan says:

    Dear MistySl: No one cares what you think about Clay.

  3. MistySl says:

    This forum is for our opinions on matters, as long as I care, that’s all that matters, Clay has a nice voice, but he is a woman. I’m just one person, but a powerful lady.

  4. clayfan says:

    Nah, you didn’t hurt my feelings one bit. It’s good you have such high self-esteem. I, too, am just one person. I, too, am a powerful individual. Why do you call yourself a slut? That is really strange. The duality of being a slut and a powerful woman simultaneously must be exhausting.

    My dictionary, Merriam Webster’s 10th, defines “slut” as “a slovenly woman; a promiscuous woman.” Why would you even bother to waste two seconds complaining about Clay Aiken’s sexuality? If you’re sexually empowered, as you claim, why would you give a hoot about a skinny geek who sings like an angel? Seems to me like your time would be better spent praising gangsta rappers!! They’d appreciate a slut like you.

  5. PandaBear2003 says:

    I just think people are frightened of him because Clay represents REAL people in the world. Not ALL of us have big boobs like Jessica Simpson, not ALL of us were a size zero like Christina Aguilera was, and not ALL of us WANT to look like everyone else. Clay is himself and he’s COMFORTABLE with himself and he’s stood up to RCA so they would CHANGE who he is. That is something to be admired. Plus I think he has an AMAZING voice.

  6. MistySl says:

    It’s very very sexy. ever been chained to a bed before? and gagged. To keep that big trap of yours shut.

    I hope you people know that I think Clay has a remarkable voice, he’s the male Celine. But, the image is wacky, and I don’t care if he gets butt-screwed by Ricky Martin on the White house steps, I think it’s great that a visually gay man is taking the music business by storm. and it’s ok to pope fun at him. He’s laughing all the way to the bank.

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