On TV: Nick Lachey, Mariah Carey, Justin Timberlake

Pop acts on talk television this week include 98 Degrees star , who performs on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Monday; , who appears on the Wayne Brady Show on Monday; Enrique Iglesias, who appears on MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday; *NSYNC star , who appears on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday; Jessica Simpson, who performs on the Wayne Brady Show on Wednesday and appears on Last Call with Carson Daly on Friday; Wade Robson, who appears on the Wayne Brady Show on Thursday; and Lisa Marie Presley, who appears on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday.

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8 thoughts on “On TV: Nick Lachey, Mariah Carey, Justin Timberlake

  1. Arman80 says:

    *Mariah fans, Make sure you guys tune-in to see Mariah on the Wayne Brady show. Wayne will go “One on One” with Mariah backstage at her new concert!

  2. ballersfantasy says:

    Thanks, can’t wait to see!

  3. shadybaby says:

    eww….. I can’t believe that some one actually booked that bleep Nick Lachey he can’t sing for sh** and have you heard that new song of his! I can tell his album’s gonna fail and so is he’s marriage (it’s sad but true)!

  4. Madfan says:

    and what will Mariah Carey do there? A. Strip tease to show her sagging body? B. Whisper? C. Talk about the Breakdown? D. Promote the Glitter DVD? HUh?

  5. Tig says:

    Maybe Mariah will do the following: (a) Sing Live unlike all the pop acts on MTV (b) Gloat on the fact that she is the biggest selling female artist in History (c) Gloat on her rave reviews from Wisegirls (d) Gloat on the fact that she writes her own songs and composes ALL the lyrical content (e) Gloat on the fact that her dozens of awards include Grammys, AMA’s, Billboard Awards, Soul Train Music Awards, and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the AMA’s. (f) Sit back and enjoy her Millions of Dollars while you hate on her lol

  6. SJ says:

    Madfan… when ever Mariah’s on TV doing interviews and ***** its actually exciting to watch cause she doesn’t talk about the same *****

  7. clayfan says:

    Yeah, Mariah writes her own songs. They are terrible songs. She should fire herself. Just ’cause she writes them doesn’t mean they’re any good. Gloat over her great reviews of “Wisegirls”? How about if we laugh that the movie went straight to video? They couldn’t get theatrical distribution even with Oscar-winner Mira Sorvino in it. Brag about being the best-selling female artist in history? Go ahead and brag. That’s classless. Go ahead and brag. She hasn’t sold an album in years. Should she brag about her singles? Her labels marks them down to 49 cents so teeny kids can afford them. Radio won’t play them. If Mariah would put on a gown and sing a ballad — straight SING — no vocal histrionics, no oversinging, no breathing — on a song written by a GOOD songwriter, maybe someone would listen to her. She needs to leave the hip-hop and the nudity behind. Clearly isn’t working for her. When she sold all of those records many, many years ago, they were pretty ballads, and she was a pretty girl. The naked-tart-breathing-into-the-microphone-and-banging-every-gangsta-rapper released from jail is not working for her. Yeah, she’s won some Grammy Awards. Remember the year she was the most nominated — eight nominations — and opened the show — and walked away EMPTY-HANDED? Soul Train awards are a joke. I have more soul in my white Irish ass than she has in her entire surgically-enhanced body.

  8. tena says:

    First of all check some credits on her lyrics, she doesn’t write them all. And the ones she does write, with help or solely, have been consistently seen as syrupy, juvenile, etc by critics. In fact one person said that they at the level of a high school student. And she is getting too old to wear tank tops and ripped waist jeans, and tiny little pink dresses. And it was Virgin records that said she was the biggest selling female in history.

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