One Direction Discuss Wearing Disguises, Second Album Nerves

One Direction members Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson stopped by for breakfast in Manchester, talking about the VMAs, being nervous about their second album, having no script for the 'Live While We're Young' music video and wearing disguises

Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson of One Direction popped in for a secret interview with Mike and Chelsea on Key103 breakfast in Manchester, England. Liam Payne was ill so unable to make the appearance, with Harry joking he kissed too many girls. The guys talked about realizing they’ve made it being on the MTV Video Music Awards, having crazy moments but not diva moments, the pressures with a sophomore album, the chart success of ‘Live While We’re Young’, not scripting anything with the first single’s music video, wearing disguises to avoid being recognized and being away from friends and family while on their upcoming world tour.

When asked if there was a moment they realized life was never gonna be the same, Harry said, “I think the VMAs. It just seemed so ridiculous. I don’t know, when we got invited, when we found out we were going, we were like really buzzed to be going. We were like, ‘I’m gonna go to the VMAs.’ Then obviously we found out we were performing, which was amazing, and then to win was just crazy.”

As for whether anyone in the group has had a diva moment, Louis responded, “If we’re ever gonna have crazy moments, it’s like crazy for fun not crazy for diva. We’ve had fruit fights in our hotel room and been told off a little bit… That’s how rock n’ roll we are, throwing oranges at each other.”

Asked about the difficulties with their second album, Harry said, “I think at the start we were really nervous, because we didn’t have much time to record it. We were just kind of nervous, because second album is the one everyone says is the hardest one. When it came down to it, I think we kind of figured our sound through the first album, so we really knew the kind of One Direction sound is now, so we really focused on that and just made sure we got the best songs we could get. We think this album is kind of at another level compared to the last one. We think it’s much better.”

On the album’s first single ‘Live While We’re Young’ going #1 across the world in downloads within a day, Zayn said, “It’s crazy. It’s not something you can kind of get used to. It is what it is and you’re just try to take it in stride and not too seriously and just keep having fun with what we’re doing, but obviously when we hear those sort of statistics, we’re just blown away and really thankful that people go out and buy our music and are really supportive and dedicated.”

Questioned about whether the scenes in the song’s music video were scripted, Louis said, “None of it was staged. It was no script. We just got there and we had different scenarios like when we were in those big inflatable balls and stuff, and you just like do what you want. That’s why it was just amazing. It was just really fun. That’s why I like the video because it’s not really that flattering of us. There’s shots of us, especially our hair, that are crazy.”

Talking about whether they employ disguises when they’re out in public, Louis said, “To be honest, recently we did for our tour videos and there was a picture that came out of me. I was in this fat suit and I had all the prosthetics. I had massive cheeks and you couldn’t tell it was me. That was quite good fun.”

On not being able to see friends and family while touring, Niall said, “That’s probably the only negative of what we do, just not being able to see our friends and family much, but we’re all travelling the world.”

Watch the interview via YouTube after the cut.

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