One Direction On Matching Screw Tattoos, Niall Horan’s Knee

One Direction, seen here welcoming in 2013, talk about their matching screw tattoos on their ankles and Niall Horan needing surgery for his dislocated knee

turned up unannounced as In Demand’s suprise guests. The boy band interviewed and did an acoustic performance. Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan talked about their Go1Den ticket contest, Louis’ charity soccer match, the status of Niall’s knee, the Pepsi commercial with Drew Brees and appearing on ‘X Factor’ again. The guys also phoned a few fans.

Talking about his knee, Niall said, “Basically, about 2-3 years ago playing football I dislocated my knee and had a floating kneecap, so I’ve had a floating kneecap since and it keeps going in and out if I’m playing golf or whatever. Then playing football last week, I did it again and I went to a specialist and he told me it’s operation time for me.” He added, “Until we have time off, I won’t be able to get the operation, so it’s gonna be awhile until I get it.”

On getting matching screw tattoos on their ankles, Zayn explained, “We were literally, me and Harry were in a hotel room in New York with a tattoo gun and thought it was clever to do it on each other and we just thought it would be cool if everyone in the band got them.”

Listen to the interview and their unplugged ‘Live While We’re Young’ performance via YouTube below.

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