Oops, She Did It Again

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Looks like Britney Spears still has selling power. Her new album ‘Greatest Hits: My Prerogative’ stormed into the Japanese album sales chart and went straight to #1. This is good news for Miss Spears since Japan is the second biggest market in the world. Her Greatest Hits album is set to enter the top 5 in the USA, a lot of European countries, Australia and especially South America (in which Britney is the biggest selling international singer since 1983 in Brazil).

On pre-order charts around the world the Greatest hits album is one of the top most pre-ordered albums in the world. Demand for this album is so high in the UK that Britney is expected to have her first UK #1 album ever, and if this album goes straight to #1 Britney will become the youngest international female artist to have an album debut at #1.

The DVD is already set to be huge, with high demands for it also on the pre-order chart. On hmv.com, UK’s biggest music store online, the Greatest Hits album and DVD has been on the top 10 weeks before its release.

So, even though this is just a Greatest Hits album and not a studio album, this album is set to be huge.

Britney is also experiencing success with her mega hit single ‘My Prerogative’. This single has only been released in a few countries, and it went straight to #1 in 12 countries and is #10 on the world chart (set to move up higher when it is released in more countries). Compare this with her arch rival Christina who doesn’t appear in the world chart and has yet to go #1 anywhere in the world despite releasing TWO flop singles. And to add insult to injury, her DVD is flopping at the same time.

So to those people who said that album sales don’t matter, they sure do. If an artist is flopping then it shows they won’t be around forever. I just laugh when Christina Aguilera fans compare Christina’s flops to Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. Mariah and Whitney had been around for over a decade before they began to flop, Christina has only been around for 5 years and is already going downhill. Since the end of the Stripped era everything she touched flopped. The only way she could gain some success ( since she hasn’t had the sweet taste of it in a long time) was being in an absolutely minor, forgettable, pointless cameo in ‘Finding Nemo Part 2’, oops, my bad, I mean ‘Sharks Tale’.

Whoever said that album sales don’t matter, don’t kid yourself, the do matter. If you continue to sell loads of albums, make hit singles and break records ( ala Britney Spears),you will be here in the next 40 years, but I find it laughable that one would suggest that a second rate Britney Spears whose career, after a short time, is going downhill will be around for a long time.

Britney will always be remembered. Unlike Christina , when Britney first came out she made an HUGE impact in the music world, according to Soundscan Britney Spears has sold the most records compared to her peers (Justin Timberlake, Christina, Beyonce, Pink, basically this generation of singers). Record sales ( album + singles sales) are important in maintaining a long lasting career:

Britney’s record sales:

91 million ( approximately 61 million in album sales, 30 million in singles sales)

Christina’s record sales:

30 million ( 20 million in album sales, 10 million in singles sales)

Baby one more time, Oops I did it again and Toxic all sold well over 5 million copies around the world (singles sales), while the only song of Christina’s to sell that much was with Missy, Pink, Mya and Lil’ Kim. That’s the problem with Christina, she can never have success on her own, she has to do it with someone else, have she ever won an VMA for her solo work? No. She can’t even write her own #1 single, unlike Britney who wrote ‘Everytime’ and it went to #1 from the UK, to Israel. I won’t be surprised if Christina did a duet with out of desperation to get a hit. But even William Hung’s career is hotter than Christina’s.

Britney may not have won Video Music Awards or Grammy Awards, but at least she can say that she does not need the help of any other singers out there to go on tour or to make ‘hit’ singles. She can do that on her own. But maybe I shouldn’t be to harsh on Christina, I mean, she DID try to tour on her own in the summer, but that blew up in her face.

I find it hilarious that Christina fans hail Christina as a musical genius. Did she write any of the songs from ‘Stripped’? No, she CO-WROTE. Did she produce anything from ‘Stripped’? Nope. She did nothing but sing. That is it. So, I guess that would also make Jessica Simpson a musical genius.

Even Britney’s Greatest Hits album will outsell Christina’s forthcoming album. A GREATEST HITS ALBUM! That’s a shame. For Christina. Well, I can’t say that I am sad her career is over, but all I will say is DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD!

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