Opinions Split On Bias Against Non-U.S. Pop Acts

Popdirt.com’s previous poll asking if you thought American pop music fans are culturally biased against international music acts saw 45.2% say “yes, international acts get no respect in US”, while 24.8% said “No, record labels don’t promote overseas acts.” 30% said “If they had true talent, they could make it in US.”

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7 thoughts on “Opinions Split On Bias Against Non-U.S. Pop Acts

  1. nomorebrit says:

    non-US talent has got to be so good that they should be leaving some of the US talent in the dust although they are not. Shania Twain, Nickel Back, Avril are just a few who can’t get the backing from the US that they deserve. They all have broken so many records that there should not be any question and yet they still fall far beneath many of the not so talented artists in US. They do get recognition in all the other countries to prove that US is indeed biased against international music.

  2. stalli0n says:

    What records have Avril Lavigne broke? (not including MTV records/countdowns)? That happens everywhere, not just in the US. Plenty of singers have the respect they deserve that are non-American. I don’t like any of the artists you listed, but that’s just because I don’t find any of them talented.

  3. Stallion says:

    Last time I check everybody was loving Coldplay

  4. elgato says:

    oh shut the hell up. Coldplay and U2 have no trouble in the U.S. BECAUSE THEY’RE GOOD. You are saying you want us to show that same support to the Spice Girls and Robbie Williams?

    nomorebrit, you don’t know what the hell you are talkin’ about. Avril doesn’t deserve respect at all. she’s just another Britney, without all the makeup. Shania does get respect. Nickelback are newcomers. they haven’t earned anything yet. get a clue.

  5. promisemewings says:

    I think the poll applies more to overseas pop acts that get tons of recognition. For example, I talk online to some people who live in England, and they go on and on about some Gareth Gates guy that I’ve never heard of. Turns out that once I asked, this Gareth Gates was THE “Pop Idol” winner, kind of the predecessor to our Kelly Clarkson here in the USA. I wouldn’t have known unless he were important here in the USA or well-known, but he’s not being promoted over here. Now, I’m sure he’s a good singer or else he wouldn’t have won on “Pop Idols,” but I’ve never heard him sing before and now I’m curious. And I’m also kind of ticked off that some non-USA acts that have gotten good reception here in the last year or so don’t have all of their albums sold over here. (Like Kylie Minogue. I’ve been going nuts trying to find some of her albums before “Fever” and “The Light Years” here in the States and I’m having no luck at all.) I just think it’s kind of unfair. That’s all.

  6. Stallion says:

    Elgato I’m just saying that Coldplay is a good group that everybody seem to love that are an international act. It is hard for big acts to have success in American. There a whole bunch of artist that been introducing new music to American from the places these artist come from.

  7. jerica says:

    Gareth Gates actually came in 2nd behind the Pop Idol winner Will Young, who I believe performed on the American Idol finale. Will is quite a classy performer but I doubt Gareth will ever break the US, he’s just a cute looking guy with not much talent!

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