Oprah Sparked Backstreet Boys Reunion

If it wasn’t for their appearance on ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’, the Backstreet Boys might not have gotten back together. But on a show focusing on McLean’s battles with substance abuse, Winfrey coaxed his bandmates to surprise him on air. After the emotional reunion, the group holed up in a hotel room and talked about a comeback. “There was probably even some doubt among us when we first started talking about it,” tells The Associated Press. “But I think no matter what we did individually… we all realized our strength was among the five of us together.”

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4 thoughts on “Oprah Sparked Backstreet Boys Reunion

  1. galleta says:

    Thank you Oprah….lol. Howie’s right their strength lies in all five. I’m sorry for Nick that his little solo thing didn’t work out. But, I am glad in a way because BSB is all 5 guys and although I like Nicks voice least of all the fellas, I don’t think BSB would be BSB without him. I love theses guys harmonies and melodic voices and as long as they keep producing well made good quality music they will have fans. To tell the truth I’m glad the teenies have grown up maybe I can go to the concert this time and actually hear the guys without tons of screaming teenies in my ear.

  2. Hunglo says:

    She also thinks Tom Cruise is straight !

  3. mmh858 says:

    This is kind of old news, we all know this! But thanks Oprah, very glad to have the boys back.

  4. lili says:

    is this program was at the same season when oprah gave free cars?

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