Orianthi ‘Highly Strung’ & ‘According To You’ Guitar Tutorials

MTV.com’s “re:Play” features teaching viewers how to riff from her tracks ‘Highly Strung’ and the solo on ‘According To You’. The Australian singer/guitarist admitted, “I’m not much of a teacher. I have to learn more patience. I actually posted some videos up on YouTube and people were commenting underneath, ‘You know, we like your playing but you’re a terrible teacher.’ So this is the best I can do it.” Watch her talking about growing up playing guitar and the tutorials below the cut.

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One thought on “Orianthi ‘Highly Strung’ & ‘According To You’ Guitar Tutorials

  1. Rick says:

    You’re not a bad teacher — you’ve just never been taught how to teach. Check out the old Guitar Express videos — they were some of the best tutorial videos out there. I hope this helps.

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