Orianthi On Working With Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson’s guitarist talked with CNN about working with the King of Pop and her just released solo album. On the day of his death, she recalled, “We rushed down to the Staples Center, and everything was being torn down and we just sat. We were like a family. The dancers, the band, everybody. Kenny [Ortega] just everyone. Sitting around a dark room with a candle. It was very difficult.” Watch the segment below the cut.

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One thought on “Orianthi On Working With Michael Jackson

  1. Sonia Echezuria says:

    I saw “Michael Jackson’s This Is It” this week and since then I can only guess how hard his death should have been for the group of people that was join him in his last adventure. I want to thank all of them for being there for MJ, loving him, appreciating him, supporting him. I know in my heart that he felt blessed for having this magic team backinh him up. I’m heart broken because of MJ’ death. Nevertheless, my gratitude is what prevails because I’m thankful that I got to share my world with Michael Jackson. May we always remember that we are all worthy of God’s Grace.

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